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Stoudson Corporation Guide

Post by CharlotteLabyrinth » Fri May 08, 2020 8:00 am

Note: This article is currently under construction! It may be moved to the other subforums later. More coming soon...

This post will serve as a newcomer's guide to provide the most essential information about the game files, as well as various methods to successfully run the game on modern hardware and systems.

Most of the contents in this article will be referencing the materials in our UA wiki and FTP repository.

  • Table of Contents
1: Welcome to the Stoudson Corporation forums!

2: General Urban Assault Information
2.1: Where and how can I purchase the game? I do not have my CD anymore!
2.2: I have problems with running the game on my machines.

3: Metropolis Dawn Expansion Pack
3.1: What is Metropolis Dawn?
3.2: I have problems with installing the MD expansion on my machines.

4: UA:Source (OpenUA)
4.1: What is UA:Source?
4.2: How can I install it?

5: FAQ & Troubleshooting

More to come...
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