How to beat Mykonian Invasion Division:

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How to beat Mykonian Invasion Division:

Post by Brachy UA FREAK » Sat Sep 30, 2017 9:40 am

So as a lot of you struggle with my Myko Mod, I now share my tactics (or a part of them)

How to win in the Urban Assault mod: Mykonian Invasion Division:

Get Cabled:
Just use your Ground Cubes.

Use the Air Prisms to destroy the foxes.
If you can also destroy the Powerstation of the Resistance. Afterwards just use your GQ to kill the HS.
Save Airprism for Insecticide.

The main aspect here is to conquer the powerstation after the ghors attacked, but before their HS reached it. Using your Airpirms from “Converge” should give you a significant upperhand.

Taerkasts are hard to crack but you can now produce Airprism IF you capture the tech upgrade.
Make sure you take out the Leonid squad in the North before it marches south to you. It takes quite a while to wreck them so start early.
Killing the Taer HS is easy if you destroy the powerstation and just camp on top of the HS.

Checkpoint Eradication:
Your main goal is to prevent jaguars and tigers from damaging the powerstation.
Make sure you take out all flaks before you try to engage the HS.
Afterwards you just destroy the powerstation and kill the HS afterwards.

Try to keep your Flaks alive and poke the Ghorkovs. This will get them killed by the Taercasts, which you can then just mop up.

Nuisances Nemesis:
Your spawn position is solid. Make sure you capture the Quadda Tech asap and get an optimal energy flow. Later on you can capture the Powerstation of the Resistance in the far south east and then wreck the Resistance with Ghor support.
Ghor should not pose a significant threat.

Blood Red Hill:
Take out the Thek Traks and the Ghagoils near you. Build Groundcubes for most defenses.
Try to kill the Ghor HS next to you as soon as possible.
Once that is achieved optimize energy flow (cap sectors). After that you can kill the flak near the 2nd Ghor HS. This will allow Quaddas to plow thorw and kill the HS.
DO NOT DESTROY the powerstation as it will slow down the whole level.
After the Ghor is dead, focus on the Resistance. Kill the flak in the southeast and Quadda their HS.
Taer can be killed from an flank attack from the west.

Koych Valley:
First: Take out the flak near the first Resistance HS. After that clean the guarding sqauds nearby. Buil Quaddas to annihilate it.

Once that is done. Kill all guarding squads and capture the NORTHEST powerstation. This will split up the resistance forces and will grant you all triggers of the Stoudsonbomb. Wait till the bomb explodes.

Solgugaric Contagion:
The main aspect here is to build up a significant force till the Sulgogars killed the Resistance. At this point try to capture all unguarded Resistance sectors with groundcubes. Once your energy flow is optimized focus on the Ghorkovs. Break through their North defense line and use quaddas to kill their Powerstation. Once the Ghor is down the annoying part starts.
4 Queens will spam units NONSTOP. Don’t even bother using anything else then Groundcubes and occasional Airprism.
Goal: Capture most of the sectors and use WAVEs of gronudcubes (not constant). These waves prevent the sulgogars from seeing what they can conter.-> less blue spores- > more efficient groundcubes.

Once you have capture most sectors, get 5p0s and wreck their powerstaitons (takes forever. Best approach is from the south.
Once all powerstations have been destroyed use Quaddas or Statics to snipe the HS.

Deep Settlement:
Tricky short level.
Beam in with ONLY groundcubes. They stay where they are.
Build Quaddas 4-5
Build 1-2 Airprisms and fly to the EAST Queen. Land 1 sector before the Queen behind the rock. Now send in the quaddas at aggressiveness level 2 and focus the QUEEN NOT the powerstation.

Once done you should eventually crack the 2nd queen.

You get powerstations! You got a Mykonianslabyrinth and flaks!
Plan: capture all tech upgrade in the middle while negating the stoudsonbomb. Once you can build powerstation focus on getting optimal energyflow (max amount of absorption rate).
Now build quaddas (40-50) and while doing so make sure to cripple the black sect by snipngi their flaks.
Once done you can eventually march in with the quaddas and focus the black sects.
If all are dead I recommend to kill the Ghor first -> Taerkast-> resistance.

Take out the scouts nearby and spam groundcubes vs the Sulgogars.
Take out the waves of Leonids with statics or Airprims.
Destroy the sulgogar powerstation with airprism.
Once done you should get engoguh sectors for 3-4 powerstations.
Kill the Resistance. Get more powerstation and focus on the Taerkast at last.

Crisis Intervention:
Make sure you snipe the approaching flacons with your Airprim. While you do so build up a solid force of quaddas (don’t’ even bother with a small amount like less than 30 quaddas).

The Resistance will mostly spam jaguars and falcon. All can be taken out with airprisms. Cripply the SDU defense line with iarprisms and afterwards rush in with quaddas.

If you are really bold you can snipe the SOUTH WEST Turantul I. Kill its powerstation. Then you should have plenty of time killing it.

The Resistance take the beating of the Kovs meanwhile so you can capture lone sectors.
The NORTH Turantul II will eventually wander to the Southsouth WEST powerstations (where now 2 Kov’s reside). During its wander kill it with Quaddas (or let the Resistance do the job).

The 2 Turantul II in the SOUTHWEST can be crippled by killing their powerstation and flaks.
Afterwards you can quadda them.

You can build up a solid base in the SOUTHEAST corner. It should be easy to kill the reistance and then the Taercasts. Focus on the sulgogars at last. (spam groundcubes) Kill their powerstations and Quadda it.

Stolen Project:

Beaming to the NORTHEAST will give you time to build up a base. The important thing is not to capture the attention of the Resistance. Capture as much sectors as possible and get a solid energy flow. After that focus on the Resistance powerstation.
It will leave 1 Resistance SDU there while the other ones leaves.
Now they can be picked off easily.

Kmnotje Broselsmund:
Your main goal is to capture the powerstation in the middle and keep it alive. You will have to act quickly and kill of the sulgogar queen as soon as possible.
Focus on the Resistance after that to get more energy/sectors. They don’t’ rebuild their powerstations fast enough.
Once that is done, you can just spam Flaks which should counter anything besides Leonids.

Slowly pick of the Ghorkov to get more sectors and an optimal energy flow.

Once that is done, it is time to break through the Taercasts defenses:
Main goal: Take out their Flaks+ Ostwinds.
If you capture the Groundcube Weapon Upgrade you should be able to rely only on Groundcubes and Airprisms.
Either you now try to build up a shitton (60+) of quaddas, or you try to separate the Taercasts.
This can be achieved by damaging the Powerstation in the north and south with alternating attacks. Usually 1 Taercast will wander between the 2 Powerstations where you should be able to pick it off with ~20 Quaddas.

The main goal here is get out of the Ghorkovs range. This can be achieved by going to the Northwest powerstation and building up a solid base there and capture as much sectors as possible. Capturing is eaiser once you capture the airstick Tech (highly guarded heavy tech in the Resistance base).

Now it is time to poke the resistance from the north, and pick of an SDU. Once that is done you should continue to focus on the Resistance (and make sure your Flaks don’t die).

If you defeated the Resistance you should have enough sectors for a maximum energy flow.
After that capture as much sectors as possible and push the Ghorkovs back. It will be a tedious battle but you can use your smallest Powerstation to set up waypoints. Make sure you build enough Groundcubes as the gigants & Tien Ying 7s will wreck anything in the air.

Now it is up to you to search for an attack route into the Ghor base. You can go south or North.
The most important aspect is to get a powerstation and a flak ni there so you can beam in and out without getting killed by Gigants. Build up a solid force of Quaddas in their base and kill them.

Uvirirth Broselsmund:
You have 1 Thing that gets you time: The Sulgogar queen in the Northeast corner of the map.
Meanwhile you should achieve 2 things.
As the game starts build a powerstation (to get the attention of at least 1 Taer). Now IMMEDIATELY use an Airprism to capture the NORTH 2 unguraded powerstatinos of the taercasts. Beam in there get quaddas (you will need about 15). The Sulgogars should destroy the NORTHEAST (NOT THE EAST) powerstatino of the flying fortress. Once this is done it will soon wander off and this is where your quaddas come in.
Try to use your hostation to get the Flying fortress weapons focused on it (while you still sit in it- not in a flak of your mothership as this will significantly weaken the durability).


If the flying fortress is done focus on getting to the southest empty resistance base.
Capture as much sectors as possible.
Meanwhile the Sulgogar should be almost dead and you should recive constant massive pressure of the Taercast.
The Taercasts should have moved to the NORTHWEST of the map.
Destroy the powerstation they sit on ASAP. This will force to leave 2 Taercasts (of 3 remaining) to a better powerstation (West one).


The one remaining Taercasts should be killed AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE as this Host station controls all predeployed units (all Flaks & Squads). Now you are pitted against 2 Taer HS.
And they spam a shitton of Leonid and Thor’s Hammer.
And Serp. And Ostwind.
This is a tedious and frustrating part. Build a few flaks and spam groundcubes and bombers.
Groundcubes conter ostwind.
Bombers counter leonids and Thor’s.
Planes should be dealt with by flaks and groundcubes.
Your position the the ex-resistance base will need some good flak placement.

Make sure to save OFTEN as random Thor’s hammer shells can one-shot your Mothership
Now make sure you constantly capture the sectors of the taercast and cripple their flak defense with airprisms/quaddas/bombers.
This can be a superl nog battle as they quickly rebuild powerstations AND flaks, so a cheap choice would be to capture all key sectors and just beam away (That’s what I did).


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Re: How to beat Mykonian Invasion Division:

Post by GoldStar611 » Sun Oct 01, 2017 3:16 pm

Hey Branchy! Thanks for the detailed writeup - it looks very useful so I'm going to make it a sticky in the myko section

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