Terratools's Resistance Campaign Guide

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Terratools's Resistance Campaign Guide

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Preface by Leftylink

When I was young, I was most impressed by the level guide on Terratools's site. I like how it had a clickable map that would take you to the briefing map and a walkthrough for each level. Unfortunately, after Terratools's site went down, I decided to write my own level guide because I had resigned myself to the fact that this guide was gone forever.

I was wrong.

The Internet Wayback Machine has revived the Terratools guide from the grave.

I have copied it here for everyone's viewing pleasure. These pages are accessible on the Wayback Machine through the URL above each level.

And of course, simply because I am posting this does not mean that I agree with this guide. This was pasted straight from the archived pages with no editing whatsoever for grammar or content. Now that I'm older I certainly like my own guide a lot better. Nevertheless, I thought it'd be nice to post this stuff somewhere accessible.


Overall index:
http://web.archive.org/web/200101190956 ... l_info.htm

http://www.terratools.de/urbanassault/e ... level1.htm

Hyde Park

The city around Hyde Park was designed by the Resistance as a training ground. The Host Station is able to give you some advice here because the area is scanned and secured. In the future the situation-analyzer is the only help you can get.

For conquering this city there are different ways. The fastest is definitely destroying the enemy Host Station (Tarantul 1) as fast as possible. But this way is also more dangerous. If you have put all your energy in the construction of vehicles that are being destroyed in combat you can't take the secure way through the Power Station.

For that reason inexperienced pilots should first conquer the Power Station in the southeast. Deflect the attack of Ghargoil 1 helicopters while a squadron of Foxes (aggression 2) is conquering the Power Station. As soon as the Power Station is conquered beam your Host Station to the Power Station. Now you can build new vehicles and your Host Station's batteries are reloading.

The new vehicles are going to recapture the sectors occupied by the Ghorkovs. Sitting in vehicle improves the shields and the hit rate. You can also react better than the computer when situations change. Practice as soon as possible to shoot from the vehicles. This will help you in the later missions as it will help you to survive.

In the west of the city the enemy Host Station is located. This will be your next target. A large number of units will make the destruction of the enemy Host Station very easy. In order to give support jump into one of the vehicles. Think of the machine gun [X] to improve the damage you cause.

After destroying Tarantul 1 conquer the keysector for opening the beamgate in the north. Send your units to the beamgate until it is full and beam your Host Station into it.

http://www.terratools.de/urbanassault/e ... level2.htm

Skull Alley

Your next mission is in skull alley. Act fast after coming to the battle zone. The enemy Host Station is way to the north but he is sending out Scouts. The moment they see your Host Station it will be attacked. So shoot the Scouts as soon as possible.

There are two important targets in this level. First there is the Ghorkov-Power Station to the north-east and the upgrade sector in the northwest. Divide your units into two squadrons and send the smaller one to the upgrade sector. The other one should go and capture the Power Station. Jumping into one of the vehicles is very important as it improves the chances of having a lot of vehicles after the battle.

Near the upgrade sector there are some enemy helicopters. Destroy them and send the remaining units to the Power Station. Set them to aggression 2 so they will not be fighting enemy units instead of conquering the Power Station.

As soon as you conquered the Power Station beam your Host Station to the Power Station. But beware! Remaining enemy forces will cause the enemy Host Station to send an attack squadron if they see your Host Station.

Generate Foxes and Weasels but keep some energy in reserve. Switch off the system-battery if it is totally reloaded. This will make the other batteries reload faster. If your Host Station is under attack switch the battery on to regain energy.

After you defeated the attackers launch the counterattack. Attention: some helicopter-squadrons are positioned near the enemy Host Station. The high-flying Ghargoil 2 helicopters can be easily destroyed with a squadron of Weasels.

http://www.terratools.de/urbanassault/e ... level3.htm

Virgin Steel

In this area you are confronted with a new unit of the Ghorkovs: the Speedy. We have captured one of them. Our research report says that this ground-vehicle is very fast and agile. It has homing phasers with a home seeking automatic. But they are very vulnerable because of their weak armor. They are specialized on flying enemies and therefore they are weak against ground-vehicles. But they are hard to hit and able to evade enemy rockets because of their speed. The best choice for a good gunner are medium or even heavy tanks as one hit destroys the target. Otherwise use vehicles with a similar speed to destroy the Speedies.

Right after entering you are confronted with a small number of Ghargoil 1 and a Speedy. Fight them! Switch into one of your vehicles to keep to casualties as small as possible!

After killing the enemies take the Power Station in the northeast. The Ghorkov-Host Station Tarantul 1 is reloaded by this Power Station. This is the reason the Power Station has to change the proprietor. Beware of the Speedies near this Power Station. After conquering it beam your Host Station on top of it.

After cutting off the supply of the enemy go and capture the upgrade sector in the west. You will find the Jaguar. The Jaguar is a medium tank designated to destroy ground-targets and enemy Host Stations. Build a squadron out of 3-4 Jaguars and 2-3 Weasels or Foxes and attack the enemy Host Station with it.

South-west you can find the beamgate which opens after destroying Tarantul 1. Keep an eye on the maximum energy. If your energy exceeds the limit you will not be able to take all of your vehicles with you.

http://www.terratools.de/urbanassault/e ... level4.htm


The big surprise at the beginning is a Ghorkov Tarantul 1 waiting for you at the start. But the vehicles you have taken with you should make it easy to destroy the enemy. Now, who's surprised?

But you don't receive the Ghorkov's land; the sign for another Ghorkov-Host Station in the level. In addition a large squadron of Garghoil 2 helicopters is attacking you. Support your Jaguars with Foxes and Weasels. I would prefer taking Weasels as they are cheaper and have a better lock on the target.

The second Ghorkov-Host Station is not far away to the north. Before attacking it with a sufficient number of Jaguars make sure you have some Foxes going west to capture the deserted Resistance-Power Station. Make them have aggression 4 so they will capture each sector on the way. Please notice that every time you select a target that is not reachable by your units (like a tank being unable to come across a slope) a sound emphasizes the impossibility of your order.

The second Ghorkov-Host Station should not have been a problem for you. Behind the buildings your vehicles with target seeking missiles have good coverage and Jaguars can also shoot over the roof of buildings as their shells have a slight ballistic trajectory.

The upgrade below the second Ghorkov-Host Station hides the scout. This vehicle is extremely important for reconnaissance. Unluckily it is not armed but the sight the radar has is the largest amongst the Resistance's vehicles. You can also take control of this vehicle. The trigger gives the impulse that makes the satellite fly forward.

The neutral sectors can be ignored. Your next target are the Taerkasts. On the way to their Host Station you are confronted with a small Flak Station. These Flak Stations have been developed by the Taerkasts and the Ghorkovs in cooperation. As their conflicts began to escalate each faction developed their own heavy Flak Station but the small ones are still in use by both faction. A squadron consisting out of 3-4 Jaguars should be enough to handle this problem.

Meanwhile the Power Station should be conquered by your units. Beam your Host Station onto it and build masses of Jaguars. The Taerkasts have a tank similar to the Jaguar: the Eisenhans.

This medium ground to ground is not as fast as the Jaguar but he has a better armor. Foxes and Weasel are really not designed for engaging in combat against the Eisenhans.

Send an attack- battalion consisting out of 10-12 Jaguars with the support of the survivors of the previous battles in this level. On the way to the valley where the Taerkast-Host Station is located you find another tech-upgrade. This will improve the shield of your Foxes. But only for the next Foxes you build. The existing Foxes are not changed. The change might seem small to you but a vehicle that has been upgraded several times is way better than the basic version.

All vehicles of your squadron should arrive at the enemy Host Station the same time. This will conflict the Host Station's defense with multiple targets and so the enemy fire will spread. Otherwise the fire can be concentrated on the first vehicle on the row until it is destroyed. Jump into one of your vehicles and destroy the enemy Host Station. The way to the next level is prepared.

http://web.archive.org/web/200102170452 ... level5.htm

Checker Board

Being fast is very important again in this level. At the beginning you are confronted with a huge number of Ghargoil 2 helicopters defend yourself by jumping into one of the flaks near your Host Station. Try to avoid the enemy breaking through.

After defeating this attack divide your troops into 2-3 groups that recapture the lost sectors. Beware of the Flak Stations in the north: the Ghorkovs also have such a line of defense.

In the middle of the city there is a Power Station held by the Ghorkov. The primary goal is to recapture this Power Station. After conquering it with a squadron of some Jaguars and Foxes your Host Station should be placed right on top of the Power Station. This will not only reload your batteries but it will help you defending the Power Station.

Watch out when you are under attack by the nasty Ghargoil 2 helicopters! They can really cause damage to your Host Station. Make sure some Weasels are patrolling around your Power Station. Just set way-points with the start and the destination on the same spot.

Attention: If you waited too long the enemy Host Station is an the way to the Power Station or is even sitting right on top of it. A squadron consisting of 6-8 Jaguars and 3-4 Foxes can change course. If you don't make it the enemy is going to starve you out!

If the enemy Host Station is not moving towards the Power Station you have plenty of time to conquer the upgrade. You will receive the Wasp. These are very cheap helicopters. They are designed to fight small and medium tanks. They are equipped with normal missiles which makes it imperative to aim well.

Don't take the Wasp to destroy the small Flak Stations the Jaguars are more suitable for this mission. The Flak Stations in the middle are protecting the enemy Host Station therefor they are to be destroyed. The ones on the outside don't play a role. After destroying them launch your attack on the enemy. A squadron out of 5-7 Jaguars, 3-4 Foxes or Weasels and 1-2 Wasps (for drawing the enemy fire away from the tanks) are enough to destroy your enemy.

http://web.archive.org/web/200102170452 ... level6.htm

Fort Grenada

This region is controlled by the Taerkasts. All Resistance-Power Stations have been destroyed. An energy-saving procedure is imperative.

At the beginning you should go and conquer the upgrade in the hills southwest of you. The best way is to use a Wasp to fly to this sector and conquer it. Another possibility is beaming down with the Host Station. But as there are three Leonids caution is very important. The Wasp should have the best chances of returning without a scratch.

The upgrade gives you the ability of building the Hornet. This medium helicopter has got a strong weapon for fighting heavy ground-targets. The weapon is quite powerful but it is rather slow, immobile and short ranged. When the weapon locks on a target and you fire it the rocket will follow the target. If you fire the weapon without having a lock on a target the range is shorter. This is for the security of friendly units.

Having captured the upgrade you should build an attack squadron. It should consist of 3-5 Jaguars, 3-5 Wasps (if you can't build Wasps, build Jaguars) and 2-3 Hornets. Be sure to be taking the maximum number of vehicles to attack you will not get a second chance. If you want to, wait until the batteries are equalized so you are possibly able to build another Jaguar or Hornet. Jump into one of the Hornets and press [L]. This makes you the leader of the squadron. All units are following you from now on.

This Hornet plasters the way for the Jaguars. Don't let the Eisenhans or Leonids get to the Jaguars. Try to avoid this mismatch. Don't get too far in the south as there is a elite-squadron of Serps. They can destroy your Hornets without any problems. In the Southeast you can find the enemy Host Station. With a sufficient number of Jaguars and Hornets you will be successful.

Alternatively you can just beam out of the level without destroying the enemy. You just have to conquer the beamgate and it's key-sectors. This is the reason why the Taerkasts were able to hold this area for so long. Every time one of their Host Stations got destroyed they just brought a new one. This underlines the importance of Power Stations and key-sectors in this war.

http://www.terratools.de/urbanassault/e ... level7.htm


With your new technologies you can now venture the step into the labyrinth. Helicopters are a big advantage in this level. Send some Wasps and Hornets to go and capture the Power Station. Use aggression 4. If you have not taken helicopters with you, you should generate some. 3-4 Wasps should be enough to capture the Power Station and defeat Tekh-Traks defending this region.

The Tekh-Trak is the fastest of all known heavy ground-vehicles. Additionally he is equipped with a powerful cannon. But his armor is weak (like the armor of all Ghorkov vehicles). Pursuing a Tekh-Trak with a Jaguar is useless as the Jaguar's weapons are much weaker than the ones the Tekh-Trak has. This is the reason you should clean the Jaguar's way with a helicopter and destroy all enemy tanks.

After capturing the Power Station immediately beam your Host Station onto the Power Station. Defend your Power Station with some Foxes and Weasels as you have to await heavy attack from Ghargoil 2 helicopters. Between you and the enemy Host Station there is a hill. Place some Foxes and Weasels on this hill. Just beam your Host Station onto this hill and build the vehicles. Right after constructing the vehicles beam your Host Station back to the Power Station. Assign the vehicles on the hill into three groups and let them take care of the incoming squadrons of Ghargoil 2 helicopters.

Next to the valley where your Power Station is located there is an upgrade sector. It is well guarded. 2-3 Wasps should be enough to destroy the guards. You receive an upgrade for the Weasel.

After conquering the western region you should be able to attack your opponent as your energy-flow must be optimal. Take care of the Ghorkov's satellites as they cause attacks on your Host Station. If you don't destroy them you have to await massive attacks.

The next step is to capture or destroy the enemy Power Station. You have to cut off the supply with energy. Large squadrons with Jaguars or Wasps and Hornets can do that. But remember that Jaguars take more time to arrive at the enemy than a helicopter as they have to go a long way round. This time enables the enemy to refresh and to build new squadrons.

If the Power Station is destroyed it will be easy to destroy the weakened enemy. By the way: a well timed attack with one or two Hornets might be enough to destroy the enemy Host Station. Use maximum distance for locking on a target to shoot at the enemy Host Station. Simultaneous climbing up prevents getting hit by the flaks.

http://www.terratools.de/urbanassault/e ... level8.htm


The battle escalates. Especially in the region occupied by the Taerkasts. Their origin lies here in Northern Africa. The coordinates were very inaccurate so you did not arrive near a Power Station. Because of the manipulation of the inner of our planet the Taerkasts confuse our coordinates that are based on magnetism.

Near the beamgate there is a small squadron of Leonids that have to be defeated immediately. Hornets are the best choice for that. A squadron of 3-4 Wasps goes directly to the north-eastern Power Station to conquer it. Now you have to build some Foxes and Weasels. An attack with Hetzels is to be expected.

The Hetzel is one of the meanest vehicles of the Taerkasts. His armor is relatively strong. Actually it consists out of an paper-like material held together by some wooden supporting. Our weapons hit it but they don't explode. They just fly through it. Sometimes they are only shredded things that are shooting our units from behind. At the moment there is nothing we have against it but we're going to develop something. For the moment you have to use Foxes and Weasels. A good helicopter pilot is able to shoot these guys in his helicopter.

It is very necessary to conquer land very early. The best is to take the land from the Taerkast. His Host Station is in the southwest. An early direct blow is impossible. He is going to defeat everything that's coming. You have to starve him out.

First of all beam away from the hot zone in the middle and go the Power Station. In the northwest there is a n upgrade sector. Make sure you have enough vehicles (some Foxes and Weasels) to kill the Hetzels that are defending this sector.

Multiple attacking of the Power Station over the flanks is the best idea. Use mixed squadrons of Jaguars and Wasps. Keep an eye on the direct line between you and the enemy Host Station. Make sure you always have sufficient Hornets and Wasps guarded by Foxes and Weasels to defend your Host Station. He is going to attack you with Leonids, Eisenhans and sometimes with a few Hetzels.

When you have destroyed the enemy Power Station a frontal attack known from previous missions is the easiest solution.

http://www.terratools.de/urbanassault/e ... level9.htm

Dark Valley

A Stoudson-bomb has been stolen by the Ghorkovs in this area. Reconnaissance reported that this bomb has been activated in order to destroy all of the Power Stations in this area. Your primary mission is to find and stop this bomb.

Take a squadron of Foxes and send them north. Optionally you can assign them to aggression 4 so they will conquer all sectors along the way. Between the starting-position and the bomb-sector you can find two four-chicklet Power Stations that can be very useful.

West form the starting point there is a Ghorkov Scout guarded by some Tekh-Traks. He has to be destroyed. I recommend using helicopters.

Many SDUs have been killed in this area. Some were building a lot of Power Stations while others tried a quick frontal attack. The last one built a Stoudson-bomb that is ticking against you... Seems as if they didn't have the right strategy.

The road to victory is long and hard in this level. Build a line that spreads from one side to the other. Each sector should be occupied by a squadron of 3-4 Foxes and 1-2 Jaguars. Additionally have a squadron of some Wasps and Hornets for backing up in critical situations. Move this line north. Don't hurry take it slow. The success is worth the effort.

In the north you can find three upgrade sectors. The first two are for the Jaguar and the Scout. The last one is for your Host Station's flaks. Watch your energy flow. It should not decrease under 80%. You can increase the energy level not only by conquering sectors but by destroying your own Power Stations. Use the Power Stations near the front as beam-stations. This enables you to come up with reinforcements very quick.

Before reaching the enemy Host Station you can find the keysector activating the Stoudson-bomb for you. You have to chose whether to wait until the bomb exploded or to go and destroy the enemy by yourself. Remember: Each enemy Host Station destroyed raises the energy you can take into the next level as vehicles.

http://www.terratools.de/urbanassault/e ... evel10.htm


This is the first trial. One SDU has been here before. But it had a significant technological advantage. It was able to build Flak Stations. These Flak Stations build north of the place of insertion will make living for you a little easier. Drak is the key to the other cities!

First of all you have to defeat all incoming squadrons of the Ghorkov and the Taerkasts. All Flak Stations must survive! If one of them is destroyed the center of the city is hard to defend. Some squadrons of Weasels can be ordered for supporting the Flak Stations.

An extremely important upgrade is located in the west. After capturing this you will be able to build Power Stations. Send a squadron of Wasps to capture this upgrade. As soon as they captured it build at least three Power Stations adjoining the prepositioned one. For optimizing your energy flow capture sectors in the south as you will not be confronted with enemy forces there.

The territory of the Ghorkov and Taerkast are only reachable through small gorges. The Taerkast base is located in the northwest while the Ghorkovs built their base in the northeast. Only the Ghorkov can be reached through a small path in the south. But keep concentrated on the Taerkasts as they are the easier target.

You can enter the Taerkasts territory above the technology upgrade. It was reported that there is a huge contingent of Leonids and Eisenhans. Support your troops some helicopters. The Taerkasts Power Station is positioned directly behind the small valley (that does a 90° turn). This plain is heavily guarded by ground-troops. Continuos attacks with Jaguars and Wasps weaken the enemy. Within a short time he should be prepared for the deathblow.

Watch your Flak Stations! The Ghorkov will not stop attacking you while you are constantly attacking the Taerkast. The flank in the northeast is permanently attacked. Build a huge number of Foxes and Weasels.

If you finished the Taerkasts you will get a keysector for the Stoudson-bomb. It is located in the eastern part of the Taerkast land. This sector has to be held with extreme determination.

The bomb will not be missing if you find a keysector for it. If the Ghorkov has not activated the bomb yet you're lucky. These scumbags use the bomb that was designed for our purposes! Your next mission is now to recapture the Stoudson-bomb.

We installed the bomb so we have the coordinates. There are three keysectors. One of them should be already conquered (the one in the Taerkast area). This one is important as it makes it impossible for the Ghorkovs to start the bomb when you own it. The second is located north-northeast of your starting position. This position was chosen very unlucky because the Ghorkov have better access to this sector than you.

The third keysector is near the bomb. The bomb can be found east of your starting point. A Power Station has been build here by the Ghorkovs. Capture the Power Station and the Stoudson-bomb!

The direct approach towards the Ghorkov territory is blocked by a Flak Station. You can destroy it with a huge number of Hornets and Jaguars but you will have a lot of casualties. A detour through the south can lead you to the bomb-area. On this way you will find an upgrade sector. Capture the bomb and hold it as long as the countdown is running.

http://www.terratools.de/urbanassault/e ... evel11.htm

New Stonehenge

No problems with the energy in this level? That's what you think. First conquer a lot of land in order to give your energy flow the right efficiency. You are sitting on the shrine of the Taerkasts and they want to punish you for this heinous deed. But they allowed us to possess this area for so long that we should make use of this error.

Westwards and eastwards there are unguarded sectors you should take control of them. To the east there is an upgrade sector that improves your Scout. Immediate capturing is important. Use some Wasps or Hornets to deal with the Leonids guarding this sector.

Deep to the northeast there is an upgrade sector that has a high importance. Your Host Station's flaks can be strengthened. Near the Taerkast's Host Station there is another upgrade for the Fox. Get it!

Don't go skirmishing far away from the enemy Host Station. This won't bring you any further. The only thing that is going to happen is that he becomes stronger! Constant attacks on his Power Station using medium or heavy (is possible) tanks are going to weaken him after a while. If you captured his Power Station you can beam onto it, spit out a few units and vanish back to the big Power Station. Beware: his Host Station has got extremely powerful weapons!

Attack him with mixed squadrons. A lot of tanks supported by helicopters. Other squadrons consisting of small and medium helicopters that are protected by a lot of anti-air tanks (Foxes and Weasels). The Taerkasts can't stand against this superior strength.

http://www.terratools.de/urbanassault/e ... evel12.htm

Hard Thing

This is your first encounter with the savage Mykonians. They are involved in a heavy combat with the Ghorkovs. Be prepared for a hostile welcome. Each of the opposing forces claims this region for itself. Maybe you could make a profit out of this situation.

It is not necessary to build a Power Station at the beginning as our reconnaissance reported of a Ghorkov Power Station near the starting point. Chose if you want to spend energy on a new Power Station in a secure area or if you just conquer the Power Station and save energy.

One of the last SDUs left a technology upgrade for the Tiger. This tank is a killer. It is heavily armored and it has a strong weapon. The only disadvantage lies in his slowness. The Tiger's abilities to destroy tanks and Host Stations. But keep it covered against aerial attacks as his cannon can't shoot fliers that well.

Deep in the northwest there is another upgrade guarded by Mykonian Flak Stations. Capture it with small and cheap vehicles.

In order to receive more energy capture enough land within the boarders the enemies give you. You energy flow should be at a value of 250 units. Go to the east to conquer land as the Ghorkov is your first target. To compound matters there are a lot of Ghorkov Flak Stations.

For attacking the Ghorkov build a squadron out of 3-4 Tigers. They are as expensive a 10-12 Jaguars but their efficiency is much bigger. Watch for the bad mobility of the Tiger. This makes an attack harder because of the required planning. Have a good timing and you will be astonished about the range and the power of the Tiger's weapon.

After defeating the Ghorkovs you should concentrate on the Mykonians. One of the Mykonian Power Stations is located north of your starting point. The second is north of the former Ghorkov Host Station. Capture this one. The way to the enemy Host Station is not that hard form there. Use a squadron of 4-5 Tigers and 10 other vehicles to attack the enemy. Use the Tigers to destroy the Flak Stations.

The Mykonians have the total air sovereignty. Your helicopters will not be able to stand long against the Mykonians. But they don't have good ground-units. Their 5POs are ridiculous against our Foxes or Weasels.

From now on you have to chose whether to take small or heavier vehicles into the beamgate. Remember: small quick vehicles are important for conquering sectors at the beginning of the level. You have to build a Power Station very often. This means that you don't have sufficient energy for building up a special squadron for conquering sectors.

http://www.terratools.de/urbanassault/e ... evel13.htm

Two Hills

This is a big challenge for such a small city. The strange thing is that two beamgates have been installed here. I would not use the one You are starting in.

First of all you should build a new Power Station. The best place for the Power Station would be besides the Flak Stations in order to secure it additionally. The Power Stations will also reload the Flak Stations.

The Mykonians are to the east on the other side of the hill. Far to the north there are neutral regions. Go and conquer them. There is also an upgrade for the Scout. The Scout is the ideal vehicle for distracting the enemy. The enemy vehicles will shoot at the Scout. This will give enough time for your units to destroy important targets like Power Stations or even a Host Station. The better the Scout's shield the longer the distraction. Multiple Scouts enlarge the confusion in the enemy ranks.

The Mykonian hill is heavily guarded with their wicked Flak Stations. The Tiger will be a good choice for destroying these hurdles. Sit inside the shot to see if you hit [Tab]. Three to four shots are sufficient to destroy one of the flaks .A squadron out of some Tigers and some Foxes and Weasel are enough to finish the enemy Host Station.

http://www.terratools.de/urbanassault/e ... evel14.htm


Acting quick is very important in this level. We know that a Mykonian Host Station is moving crossways through the city. Get that Host Station before it reaches it's destination as this will shorten the battle.

North of your starting position there is an abandoned Power Station. You can easily conquer it with a small group of Wasps or Jaguars. Deep in the south in front of the Mykonian transmitters there is a group of Power Stations left by the last SDU that didn't make it. Capture these Power Stations and beam your Host Station to them. Build a squadron of Tigers and Foxes or Weasels. Send this battalion to the south in order to intercept the Mykonian Host Station. It is weakened by the long way. Normally it is no problem to destroy this one.

Be prepared for a long lasting battle if this first strike is not successful. Constant attacking will force him onto his knees.

Deep to the east of the city there is an upgrade. Inside this upgrade there is a very important building: the Flak Station. But beware it is right between the sectors of the Ghorkov and the Mykonians. Don't get into close range of the Ghorkov's Flak Stations .

With capturing the Flak Station you can now easily protect your Power Stations. Each Power Station you own gets a Flak Station towards the Ghorkov territory. This Flak Station will destroy every single helicopter the Ghorkov sends. The Flak Station is ideal for fighting fliers but it is not that good against ground-vehicles.

The time you are fighting the Mykonian the Ghorkov is conquering a lot of land. You have to stop this by recapturing land. But pay attention: the Flak Stations of the Ghorkovs will not let you walk through. Meanwhile you should have captured the second upgrade: a better weapon for the Weasel.

The Power Stations in the southeast are a good basis for attacks on the Ghorkov. Constantly sending of squadrons consisting of Tigers or Jaguars protected by Foxes or Weasels are going to destroy the Flak Stations. In the middle of his territory his Power Stations are located. Attack them to weaken him. But keep an eye on their power. He moves towards his Flak Stations if both Power Stations are destroyed. If both Power Stations have only one or two chicklets left go and attack the Host Station. Capture one of the Power Stations and beam your Host Station onto it. Build some Tigers and beam yourself back if the energy of your system falls below 500 units. Be sure that your batteries are fully reloaded before you launch the attack.

http://www.terratools.de/urbanassault/e ... evel15.htm

Pedestal Mountain

This region is heavily guarded. The Taerkasts are very dominant in this region. Simultaneously with you the Ghorkovs arrive to capture this region. But you have the advantages as your weapons are well upgraded. The only bad thing is that your Host Station is inside scan-range of both the Taerkasts and the Ghorkovs. Imminent attack are to be expected. Build some Flak Stations around the Power Station.

Don't capture the Power Station to the northeast as the Taerkasts will try to recapture it regularly. Destroy all of the Ghorkov's Scouts to restrict his view.

As your Flak Stations grant you the protection you need you can take care of the Ghorkov first. Deep to the northwest there is the Ghorkov Host Station. At the beginning of the fight it will be weak enough to be destroyed. A quick blow with some Tigers and Jaguars guarded with some air-defense should be enough to destroy at least his Power Station. If you were only able to destroy his Power Station you should send a second wave of attackers to finish him.

After getting all the Ghorkov land your efficiency will rise. In the southeast of this region there is a lot of territory for conquest. There you can find an upgrade for your Weasel.

Use the Ghorkov Power Station (if still there) as a free beam-point for circling around the Taerkast. If the Power Station was destroyed during your attacks beam to this location using small steps and build a Power Station there. Quick spreading in the north is important. The upgrade west of the Ghorkov Power Station is doubling the power of the Wasp.

I guess you have already recognized the keysectors for the Stoudson-bomb. It's logical the Taerkast is not allowed to activate the bomb. But it is not necessary to trigger the bomb for yourself as every shot enemy Host Station improves your maximum beamgate-energy. If you follow my advice victory is close.

Deep in the northwest there is a bunch of Power Station that have to be taken imminently. This will disable the Taerkast's chances of escaping. They are also a good position for launching attacks towards the Taerkast. Use your improved Wasp to defeat the enemy attacks. Build an attack squadron with Tigers and Jaguars to crush the enemy Host Station.

During this time no attacks are going to be made on the pedestal mountain. This would be a waste of energy. The Taerkasts made a big strategic mistake: the Host Station on the pedestal mountain has got no access to a Power Station. This means that the attacks from there will decrease.

After defeating the eastern Host Station the level is almost won. The Host Station on the mountain is low on energy. Take a group of wasps and attack it. Fly up the approach. You will see the reason for the constant attacks of the Taerkasts: the Radar Station enabled the enemy to see you everywhere. A frontal attack with your Wasps should be enough.

http://www.terratools.de/urbanassault/e ... evel16.htm

Command and Taerkast

The Bronsteijn: one of the deadliest weapons that has ever been invented. Formerly a satellite it was improved with a photon-launcher. His penetration is devastating! None of the opposing parties is secure if someone masters this device of destruction. But the whole development was put into the weapon. The vehicle is an improved version of the Otschko satellite. It doesn't even have the radar abilities the Otschko is famous for.

The Taerkasts are performing tests with this weapon somewhere in this region. Reconnaissance reports that the plans are even hidden in this area. Find these plans as they are the key to victory.

Near your starting position there is an old Power Station. Capture it and secure the area with some Flak Stations. If they are heading south you they should be able to block every attacking force. Build some more Power Stations to rise your energy flow above 300 units.

Fight the zeppelins with your vehicles. These zeppelins are hard to kills as they have a strong armor. They must be filled with a gas that is unknown to us. Their lift must be so high that the installation of a strong radarsystem was also possible. Fight them with Wasps and Hornets as Ground vehicles are easily destroyed by their huge bombs. Hundreds of our tanks have been crushed by the bombs of these apocalyptic weapons.

Keep an eye on the movements in this area. The Taerkast is going to try everything to defend this area. He sends huge masses of Leonids and Eisenhans. Always have some Wasps and Hornets in reserve to block these efforts.

The experiments the Taerkasts are performing prove very effective for us. They made tests with captured vehicles. With our vehicles. On each of the hills you'll find an upgrade for one of our vehicles. This will make you more effective.

Unhindered conquest is impossible. The only territories you can conquer without problems are east of your starting position and south of it. It is also possible to shoot your way westwards. I would rather conquer the Power Station to the south as it gives access to the southern area.

Secure the area with some Flak Stations. Find and conquer the Bronsteijn-upgrade. Take two or three of these satellites and attack the Power Stations of the Taerkast. As soon as you conquered one of the Power Stations beam to it and build some Tigers. They will do the rest. Make sure your batteries are reloaded before beaming!

http://www.terratools.de/urbanassault/e ... evel17.htm

Assi's Way

Mykonian territory: living in these cities is impossible. Mykonian transfer cables, tubes or whatever this is are running over the ground and through houses. Even the hardest steel that was ever invented by human mankind got drilled through. The other human factions have vanished from here. The Taerkasts never act in cold climates like Scandinavia. Even the Ghorkovs who are used to such cold weather have withdrawn. But we won't make any presents!

This narrow territory has to be captured. We can't use it afterwards but the scope of the Mykonians will be reduced. Many SDUs have been killed here. For supporting you a special force has been send here. A few information have been delivered but we have never heard of them again.

The last SDU has left a Power Station with some Flak Stations. We heard of an extremely important upgrade in this area. It will enable your Foxes to use their twin rocker launcher. As there are only Mykonians in this area you should build masses of Foxes and Weasels. Take huge squadrons to conquer sector by sector.

The special force reported about a new Mykonian weapon. It is fixed and specialized on ground-targets. Supposedly helicopters are the optimal weapon against it.

If still have some Bronsteijns from Command and Taerkastrate use them against the Mykonian Host Stations. They are also useful for capturing Power Stations.

http://www.terratools.de/urbanassault/e ... evel18.htm

Great Confusion

Bewilderment reigned amongst the SDUs that were fighting in this region. Not only the deep canyons that look like they were made by human mankind (or Mykonian?) give the region the name. The enemies, the Ghorkov and the Taerkasts occupy the territories haphazardly. Acting systematically is totally impossible in this level. You can't concentrate on one opponent.

Secure your starting position. Build some Flak Stations and one or two Power Stations. Now concentrate on conquering land. Don't draw too much attention on you. It is possible that the Taerkasts and the Ghorkovs are going to engage in a final combat while you are conquering land. For getting the bonuses you must be near the attacked Host Station.

There are three upgrades that are going to improve your vehicles. One is near your starting position in a canyon that is heavily guarded. None of the upgrades is going to decisive in this battle but at the end the addition of all the upgrades is important!

The northern way leads through a lot of detours and changes of direction into a valley where a former SDU has build a base. Strategically this is the best position. Build enough Power Stations and secure them with some Flak Stations. Your energy points should be above 300 units. Three to four Flak Stations to the east direction are enough to defeat all attacks.

Your next step is to the northeast. There is a Taerkast Power Station. Don't destroy it. Shoot it until has got only a few chicklets left. If you own this Power Station for a longer time the Taerkast is retreating into another region. Don't destroy the Power Station. Go and destroy the Taerkast Host Station.

If the Ghorkovs are still alive they are not that strong anymore. But don't be thoughtless. Keep yourself concentrated. In the southwest there is a Ghorkov Power Station. Capture it before attacking the Ghorkov. He has probably retreated to the plateau in the southeast. There is also a Power Station. Destroy it and get the Ghorkov afterwards!

http://www.terratools.de/urbanassault/e ... evel19.htm

The Giants - Ghorkov's most dangerous weapon. It is absolutely unknown where and when they have been developed. The technology is very untypical for human forces. This pesky little UFO the Ying and the Speedy utilize a similar technology. But the Giant is a vehicle that uses improved technologies of the Ying weapon. It looks as if they managed to convert the floating Tarantul 1 and even add flying abilities. It is heavily armored and therefor build for attacking Host Stations. Normally it would fit better to the aliens than to a human faction. Our secret service was suggesting a connection between the Mykonians and the Ghorkovs a long time ago. This is the prove for all that was thought before.

This little piece of land - too small for two opponents - is guarded by two Ghorkov Host Stations. This is going to be a tough battle. Our reconnaissance reported that there are massive movements of Giants in this area so be careful! If you see Giants approaching beam your Host Station away or build Flak Stations for defense.

Your predecessors have been transferred to other starting points that were too close to the enemy. You're starting in a small valley. Build some Power Stations and some Flak Stations. Them secure the territory around your predecessors Power Stations. Use these Power Stations as secondary bases.

Near the Power Station in the northeast there is an upgrade for the Weasel. The other upgrade is guarded by a Host Station with a Flak Station. But it is worth the effort. Inside the upgrade there is the Firefly. The Firefly is a small flying vehicle that can cause massive confusion amongst the enemy ranks. Use this vehicle for covering your heavy units.

Your first attack is going to destroy the Host Station in the southwest. Attack with some Tigers guarded by some anti-air-vehicles. But first destroy the Flak Station on the eastern hill by the starting position. You must always have enough anti-air-units. The Ghorkovs will attack with helicopters and Giants.

Beam your Host Station on the Power Station the Tarantul 1 was sitting on. Destroy the Flak Station near the upgrade. Then attack the enemy with a squadron of Tigers, Jaguars and Foxes or Weasels. Beware of the bombers as they are deadly for your ground-forces.


http://www.terratools.de/urbanassault/e ... evel20.htm

Sulog's Fine Thread

First priority: act quick and don't get involved in skirmishes! The Sulgogars can't construct buildings but they are able to use the ones from the others. We suggest that they achieved this ability through mutation. In the first information from our secret service they are called a highly developed type of plants. But this does not match. Many abilities these "plants" have indicate a highly developed, intelligent life. As we know now the Sluggers are no plants. They are something else. Our secret service was mistaken. This caused us to underestimate this race for a long time. But now it is time for another extinction!

Watch out for these pollen-like things! They infest the host. The steering of the vehicles becomes impossible. Then they explode. The worst part is that these things come in masses. You should not underestimate these Sluggers. Their wafting fliers are extreme strong fighters and this flying mushroom is deadly against your Host Station.

Fight the Sluggers with your upgraded anti-air-vehicles. Especially the double-shot Fox will serve you well. Moving your vehicles down the field will set the opponent under pressure. Don't let him attack you!

Don't build Power Stations or Flak Stations! Save this energy and build a sufficient number of ground-vehicles. An unused Power Station is found east from your starting position. Right afterwards there is an extremely important upgrade: the Rhino. It will enable you to attack the enemy from the distance. Sit inside the rocket to see if the shot hits.

By pushing your troops forward the Rhino will be alone and able to shoot at the enemy Host Station. Place him deep behind the front because his shielding is not that well. Aim towards the enemy and sit inside the shot [Tab]. One or two hits and the enemy Host Station is toast. After destroying the first Host Station the level becomes much easier. The same tactics as before will help you defeating the other enemies in this level.

http://www.terratools.de/urbanassault/e ... evel21.htm


A hard decision at the beginning of the level. Either you beam to the Power Station in the southwest or you build your base in the area of your starting position.

The second variant has the disadvantage of having a long time for developing your base. During this time the enemy becomes stronger.

The first variant is half a suicide squad. Many SDUs chose this Power Station as a beaming pod. The Ghorkovs built two Flak Stations north of this Power Station and south of it there are Taerkast Flak Stations. You can just hope that your Host Station can defeat them with the help of some Tigers and Jaguars before itself gets shot.

The second possibility is not the best as constant attacks of the Ghorkov will push you into a defensive position. With the other method you could attack the Ghorkov by now instead of building a defense the same time

The northern Flak Stations are going to be destroyed with strong Tiger squadrons. But always keep some anti-air-vehicles near them. Weaken the enemy's Power Station and then shoot the Host Station. The Power Station will be useful as a free beaming-pod for attacks on the Taerkasts.

The Taerkast is deep to the north in a valley. It is not to be reached with ground-vehicles unless you conduct them down the hills. Before attacking the Taerkast capture the unused Power Station. The whole area is secured with strong tank squadrons consisting of Leonids.

In the northern upgrade you will find the Marauder. This bomber is designed for destroying heavily armored ground-vehicles. He has got a good armor to even out his slowness. Send some Marauders with some Hornets and wasps into the enemy's area and destroy all of his tanks.

The Taerkast can be attacked from two sides. The Power Station in the northwest can be used as a starting point for your ground-attack. An attack with some helicopters and bombers will distract the enemy so the ground-attack will be more effective.

Watch out for the elite-units of the Taerkasts: the Serps. These extremely agile and quick rocket propulsion vehicles are conducted by the most competent pilots the Taerkasts have. They lock on a target and drop the cockpit filled with explosives onto the target. Helicopters and airplanes are helpless against these units. Only ground-vehicles are not locked as a target. The Serps are too quick to lock on a slowly creeping tank.

http://www.terratools.de/urbanassault/e ... evel22.htm

Wide Field

Keep concentrated on the Taerkast as he owns most of the keysectors for the Stoudson-bomb. Attacking the Ghorkov is useless as he is too far in the north. When you defeat the Ghorkov the Taerkast has activated the Stoudson-bomb.

Jump south from your starting position. Build some Power Stations and some Flak Stations. Now launch some attacks on the Taerkast. First conquer a keysector for the bomb and then destroy all the Flak Stations in the surrounding area. Then go and capture the Power Stations. Attention: He owns multiple Power Stations. Capture the one in the north before capturing the ones in the south. Otherwise the Taerkast will move north after you captured the Power Stations in the south. After conquering one of the Power Stations in the south beam, your Host Station onto it and build some tanks (Tigers). Attack and destroy the Taerkast Host Station.

It is not important to conquer all of the keysectors. You don't have the position and the vehicles to hold these sectors. By the way: you will get all the keysectors if you defeat the Taerkast!

Near the Stoudson-Bomb is a very important upgrade. It enables you to build the medium Power Station. This will allow you to be more efficient. Don't build too many Power Stations at the beginning of the battle. Capture this upgrade during the combat with the Taerkast and build one or two of the medium Power Stations. Now you will have enough energy until the end of the level.

For optimizing your energy-flow send out units for conquering sectors in the southeast corner of the level. You will not be confronted with a lot of enemies. You find an upgrade there. It will improve the sight of your Scout by one sector in each direction. Another upgrade for the Fox is located north of the Taerkast territory.

Two upgrades are near the Ghorkov Host Station. They are not easy to capture. One improves the Tiger and the other will give you the ability to build the Falcon. Triggering the bomb will make it easier for you to receive the upgrades.

The Falcon makes it possible for you to go head to head with other airplanes. Hit is very effective when coming in masses. His missiles are not guided that well so it will be necessary to aim good. Use it against enemy planes and helicopters. Keep him away from enemy Flak Stations and anti-air-vehicles. Attacking enemy Host Stations is not recommended because of the weak shielding the Falcon has.

http://www.terratools.de/urbanassault/e ... evel23.htm

Moonlight City

We have war! The conflict between the Ghorkovs and the Mykonians escalated. Go and make a decision none of the opposing parties may trigger the Stoudson-Bomb in this region.

Your starting point is guarded by large squadrons of the Ghorkovs. Enough Falcons should defeat the Yien-Ying 7. The extremely large squadrons of helicopters are no challenge for your Falcons.

After destroying the first squadrons build some Power Stations and some Flak Stations in the upper northwest. It is to be assumed that one of the opposing parties has activated the bomb. Go and capture as many keysectors as possible. Deep in the south you can find many of them. Use the Falcon it is ideal for that.

After stopping the countdown fight the Ghorkovs. Their central position between you and the Mykonians will keep them under a constant attack. Watch the X01. Beat them to it and get the Power Station before the Mykonians can get it. It will be a perfect base for the attacks on the Mykonians.

The upgrades in this region are essential. The Dragonfly is very important as this helicopter is able to attack Flak Stations and even Host Stations can be destroyed with it. It has an extremely hard armor and a fast shooting rocket launcher. Your Host Station's flaks get improved and the shielding of the Jaguar.

Destroy the Mykonian Flak Stations in the east of the city using the Dragonfly. This weakens the defense so you can launch a direct attack on the Host Station.

http://www.terratools.de/urbanassault/e ... evel24.htm

Sulog's Rising

This region is occupied by the Taerkasts and the Sluggers. Your starting position is in a valley north of the two adversaries. To the north the valley divides into two directions. To the west there is a plain heavily guarded by the Taerkasts. There is an upgrade sector. To the east there is an unguarded plain with an abandoned Power Station. Protect this Power Station with some Flak Stations.

Conquer enough sectors to optimize your energy-flow. You can build another Power Station later. There are enough sectors in the southern part below the Power Station. There is also an upgrade for your SDU's flaks.

Now take care of the upgrade in the northwest. You will find the Warhammer. This quick fighter will make your airforce stronger than ever before. His shots have an error rate of only 2%. But he's not as effective against ground-vehicles as his projectiles rather hit the ground than the target.

Having the Warhammer you are now ready for attacking the Sluggers. The Sluggers might attack the Taerkasts by the time. Keep an eye on them and attack the Taerkasts as soon as he lost enough energy. Use the moment and attack the weakened Taerkast. When the Sluggers destroy the Taerkasts you will have a tough time fighting the Sluggers.

Conquer the Taerkast Power Station south of your Power Station for attacking the Sluggers. Secure the area with some Flak Stations. Launch some rockets on the Sulgogar Host Station with a Rhino. Attacking him with ground-vehicles is useless as his base on a plateau and is surrounded by a trench.

Destroying the Sluggers you have access to another upgrade improving your Jaguar's weapon.

http://www.terratools.de/urbanassault/e ... evel25.htm

Hamburger Hill

The bomb is ticking. Your predecessor was not able to survive. Now it is your turn. You own the bomb and it's keysectors. Don't lose it.

Large forces of the Taerkasts and the Ghorkovs have gathered to crush you. They don't care about the bomb they are mad to kill you. Don't station your vehicles near the keysectors. This will only cause the enemy to attack your vehicles and conquer the keysector.

At the beginning you better build a second (middle) Power Station for securing your energy flow and for having a jump point. Near the Power Station you should place enough Flak Stations. It is necessary to place some small Flak Stations to the southwest as the Taerkast will attack with large forces from there. He will use Hetzel and Mnosjetz with a high possibility.

In the southeast you should position some helicopters. Large groups of wasps and a smaller number of Hornets for jumping in. Make the few Tigers you have to one squadron so their firepower will be combined and won't be wasted.

The Ghorkovs will attack from the north. The quick Tekh-Traks are going to be a thread. Your Flak Stations and your Tigers will have a hard time getting some hits. So always be aware of the danger from the north. Send out some Scouts and pay attention.

In the east and west of you are some undiscovered and unused sectors. They are optimal for conquering with some Fireflies. This will not cost endless energy but will increase your energy flow.

One of the three upgrades holds the small Radar Station. Get it and build one . This will improve your sight. You will not be forced to send out so many Scouts. The enemy will not attack this Radar Station as much as he attacks your Host Station. The other upgrades will improve your Hornet and your Tiger.

Towards the end of the countdown you have to expect heavy attacks from the Ghorkovs and the Taerkasts. They are going to gather all their forces to change the odds in the fight. Large forces of tanks are going to attack from the south while helicopters emerge from the north. Tekh-Traks are attacking from the northern front. Build enough helicopters and keep an eye on your Flak Stations. Light vehicles stationed in the north are also recommended.

Turn off your system and your beam batteries. You will be able to build vehicles every minute. They will be able to weaken the enemy. Build some additional heavy helicopters and sit inside to support your troops. Rebuild destroyed Flak Stations at once. If you're under air attack and not able to build a Flak Station build some Falcons to kill the fliers. As soon as your batteries are reloaded build some vehicles. Don't waste energy!

http://www.terratools.de/urbanassault/e ... evel26.htm

Blue Casbah

The Black Sect is not the strongest opponent. But they are for sure the most dangerous opponent in this level. You should not attack the Taerkasts before the Black sect has been defeated. They are found north of your starting position near the Power Station. Use this Power Station for attacks against the Black Sect. South of you are two other Power Stations that have to be protected during the attacks.

West of the southern Power Stations is an important upgrade for building the large Flak Station. It is good against ground-vehicles. But for defending yourself against fliers still use the small Flak Station. In the west of your starting position you can find the upgrade for building large Power Stations. This is the solution for all your power-problems.

Remember when fighting the Black Sect: Their Host Station is same as their vehicles invisible to your radar. So you have to build a good defense early in the battle. You have to expect large attacks with heavy tanks! Use the northern Power Station as a base for the attacks. Beam yourself over the valley for building ground-vehicles. Distract him with small helicopters like the Wasp or the Firefly. Meanwhile you shoot his Host Station with some rockets of your Rhino. Place him a sector after the valley and cover him with some Flak Stations and small vehicles.

After destroying the Host Station of the Black sect keep concentrated on capturing land and fighting the Taerkast's Flak Station. In the middle you can find a Taerkast Radar Station that has to be destroyed. If you're lucky the Taerkast's Host Station is going to move there in order to rebuild the radar. If on the way the enemy Host Station is very vulnerable! Send some heavy vehicles like the Lawnmower or the Hornet to kill him. This will be a fast victory.

If he is barricading himself in the southeast corner you should conquer most of his sectors and attack continuously with heavy tanks. Additional attacks with Rhinos are very effective. The longer the battle lasts the weaker his defense will become.
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Re: Terratools's Resistance Campaign Guide

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http://www.terratools.de/urbanassault/e ... evel27.htm

Taer on Black Wadi

Attention: the newest secret service information claims that our opponents are prepared for our tactics. The old "destroy his Power Station and let him starve" tactic is not going to work like before. The reports have said that the enemy equipped his Host Stations with the ability of building Flak Stations and Power Stations. They will make use of this ability.

Expect the opponent to rebuild the Power Station you just destroyed. Give your attacks a new timing. Additional to the attacking squadrons you have to assign other squadrons to attack the enemy Host Station. When you have caused enough damage he will not be able to rebuild his Power Station. This is the moment you have won.

This region is separated between the Taerkasts and the Black Sect. The Taerkasts occupy the hills in the southeast and the southwest of the Black Sect. In the plains to the south is base of the Black sect located. Both enemies are armed well and their defense is strong.

Your proximity to the Black sect makes them ideal for your first attack. The Taerkasts tanks have a long way so you've got enough time. Having a good sight with the radar makes the attacks of the Taerkasts weaker than they are.

Don't build new Power Stations as the capacity of the two you already have is not fully used. Secure the Power Stations (especially the one to the southwest) with a sufficient number of Flak Stations. Attacking the Black sect you should be using the northeastern Power Station as a beaming pod. Then beam your SDU 7 one sector to the east. Attacking over the northern flank you will avoid most of his ground forces. They have the advantage of not being seen by you. Concentrate your attacks on the Power Stations and the stationary defenses.

Big squadrons attacking the Black Sect should be victorious. Make sure you have enough vehicles against helicopters and airplanes. The Black sect loves to attack with Bronsteijns, Falcons and Tigers.

After killing the Black Sect go to one of the hills occupied by the Taerkast. Capture the Power Station for taking away a spot for escaping. Expect the Taerkast putting strong efforts on recapturing this hill. Use the Lawnmower to disable the Flak Stations. The hard armor of the Lawnmower enables him to take even the hardest hits with only getting scratches. Attacking with ground-vehicles is not effective because the Taerkast Flak Stations are very effective against them.

On each of the two hills you can find an upgrade. One is for the Rhino (very important) and the other is for the Firefly.

http://www.terratools.de/urbanassault/e ... evel28.htm

Dark Zone

Dark land. No silence. Dark district. Panic reigns. Those were fragmentary descriptions of your predecessors. This region is only occupied by the Ghorkovs and guarded by only one Host Station. But none of the SDUs we sent was able to conquer it.

Your predecessors left three Power Stations. But the Ghorkov was not lazy and has captured most of the sectors that the resistance once possessed. You will not be able to conquer enough sectors to get your energy flow the right way. Choose two and destroy the rest. The one in the southeast will give you a good basis for attacks on the enemy Host Station.

Our agents were able to report a big success: a Ghorkov Host Station has lost control of some Giants. They managed to modify the modulation of the energy waves. This means that these Giants are under your control! Giants are modified Host Stations. The difference is that the Ghorkovs sacrificed the good shielding and weapons for the mobility. They are real Host Station killers but their usage is limited against other vehicles because of their lacking agility. They are so slow that they aren't even effective against airplanes. Put them to a safe place in the southwest. They will be needed later.

First you should be concentrated on defending yourself against the incoming enemy squadrons. You should also conquer enough sectors. The whole western half of the area is defended weakly and easy to conquer. But beware of the Giants they can be a thread for your SDU. In the middle of the level you will find an upgrade for the shield of the Fox.

The differences in the altitude make attacks with ground-vehicles senseless. The area held by the Ghorkov is hard to reach. The Power Station in the southwest is a good point for creating units. Building a Radar Station near this Power Station is also useful. You can observe all the actions of the Ghorkov.

Attack the defense first. Take one or two Lawnmower and guard them with a lot of cheap helicopters. Jump into one of the Lawnmowers and attack the enemy Flak Stations. Additional use of the machine gun will nearly double the power of your attacks. You must also destroy the new built Flak Stations.

Now concentrate your attacks on the southern Power Station. Capture it and use it as a beaming point. Build some Tigers in front of the enemy Host Station and beam the Host Station away. Sit inside the leader of the Giants and attack the enemy Host Station. It is just a victim for your Giants!

http://www.terratools.de/urbanassault/e ... evel29.htm

Death Valley

Nothing is alive in here. Each house, the whole ground and all of the sectors have been infested with these Mykonian pipes. No air-breathing being will be surviving here in the future. But we still have to recapture this piece of earth. Every piece of land that is not held by the Mykonians is a step to victory.

Only a small path separates you from the city in the southern region. Formerly known as a center of human creativity it is now a grey memorial for a possibly contaminated Mykonian future. The starting point in the north is the most secure for you. Build some Power Stations and secure them with at least three small Power Stations.

Always be prepared for heavy attack from the Mykonians. Coming from the south they will be attacking from the plateau. A defense built in front of the Power Stations is not optimal so move the Flak Stations a little bit towards the enemy. Additionally place some Flak Stations on top of the plateau. A Radar Station will be informing about enemy movement.

The next target is to destroy the enemy Flak Stations at the tight path. From now on a constant flow of vehicles into the city is extremely important. Mix heavy tanks with Foxes and Weasels. You can conquer the Mykonian Power Station in the northwest. There you will find an upgrade for the Tiger's shielding.

Don't go to the northeast. There is an upgrade for the Wasp. Get it after the Mykonians are killed. It's too hard to get through the guards. You have to care about the Host Stations.

The Statics are extremely dangerous for your ground troops. Helicopters and airplanes are going to wipe them out. Use some Falcons and Warhammers to protect your ground troops against the Myko-Bombers.

The Mykonian Host Stations have built two Power Stations in the southeast of the valley. Several Flak Stations make it impossible for attacking the flanks. The main entry is guarded by a large number of Statics. Massive attacks with ground-vehicles and additional attacks with flying units will weaken the Mykonian defense. Use a Tiger to capture an enemy Power Station and beam your Host Station on it build some vehicles and vanish. But you know the tactic...

http://www.terratools.de/urbanassault/e ... evel30.htm


A weakened Mykonian Host Station is found in this city. There must have been a frightful fight with the Ghorkovs at the beginning of the Mykonian conversion. It looks as if the Ghorkovs have left the region without having reached an advantage. The Ghorkovs still have large numbers of sectors. This is your chance: Decide the battle before the Mykonians can regenerate from the previous efforts.

At the beginning you should build some Power Stations and Flak Stations at the starting position. On the hill in the northeast there is a Mykonian radar that has to be destroyed. Otherwise you have to await attacks on your Host Station. Behind the circular wall there is the central city. But all the Power Stations in the city are functionless. They will not lower your energy flow when captured. This might be the effect of the heavy battles between the Ghorkov and the Mykonians. All Resistance Power Stations have to be captured to open the beamgate. The beamgate is at the eastern driveway to the inner city.

The outer ring is easy to capture. Use some squadrons of helicopters to capture the northern sectors. Make sure you capture a lot of Mykonian Sectors as this will decrease the Mykonian energy-flow.

Deep to the north there is another upgrade. It will improve the Tiger's weapon.

Now go and capture the Power Stations near the Mykonian Host Station. These Power Stations supply the Host Station. Use a large squadron with mixed vehicles. Because of the central position of the enemy Host Station you can attack it from all four ramps.

Keep an eye on the Mykonian bombers as they are very effective against your ground-vehicles. A sufficient number of falcons and Warhammers should minimize the danger. The rest must be an easy mission for you.

http://www.terratools.de/urbanassault/e ... evel31.htm


A short way for you but a long way for the Resistance! Only a few beampoints are between you and Parasite City. But exactly this small way might be your last...

Protected by two Ghorkov Host Stations this one way is plastered with a lot of hurdles. Both Host Stations are equipped with the ability of building Power Stations and Flak Stations.

The starting point in the north is near an abandoned Resistance-Power Station. You should conquer it. Because of the small number of sectors at the beginning you will not have a large energy flow. Don't build new Power Stations. Invest your energy in vehicles. Fight the enemy units near the Power Station but watch out: the enemy has got some Giants in the area. Beam your Host Station onto the Power Station when all the enemy units are destroyed. In the south you can find an upgrade giving you the quick-shot for the Dragonfly.

Build two of the improved Dragonflies and fight the enemy's vehicles. The Dragonfly is also useful against Flak Stations. He will be able to lead you through the level. But keep him protected against airplanes.

http://www.terratools.de/urbanassault/e ... evel32.htm

Maze Wayz

Three opponents are going to give you a hard time finishing this level: the Black Sect, the Taerkasts and the Ghorkovs. Fight them in the same order.

Many Power Stations of the Resistance have been installed here for making the battle easier for you. But beaming is still dangerous for you. Flak Stations have been installed near most of the Power Stations. So send out Scouts before you can beam onto a Power Stations safely. Try to destroy the Flak Stations near your Power Stations.

Your second mission will be to destroy the Black Sect. This dangerous opponent has to be destroyed first. Even if the other two parties gain more power during this time. North of your starting position you can find a Power Station. Near this position you can find the Black Sect. Watch out for their invisible vehicles. The direction they're coming from gives you a clue where their Host Station is located.

Killing the Black Sect is not going to be easy. As our secret service reported the Black sect had access to blueprints of our Power Stations. This will secure their energy flow. So you better be prepared.

Next you capture land in order to optimize your energy flow. Go to the northeast. There you have to expect small enemy forces. To the west you can find an upgrade for building thew large Radar Station. Go and capture it. The problem is that it is secured by hidden Flak Stations in the girders.

Another Upgrade is to be found in the north. It gives you the double-shot for the Hornet. This make him a killer in all situations.

Now you're ready for the big attack on the Taerkasts. They are found in the southeast corner of the city. You can find the beamgate here. Attacking with some Hornets and some Dragonflies you will be able to capture at least one of the Power Stations. Beam your Host Station onto it and build some Tigers. They will do the rest.

Capturing all the Taerkast sectors you have solved the energy problem. Additionally you will receive the upgrade for the Firefly.

All the other actions should be aimed on the destruction of the enemy Host Station. The regions invisible for your radar should be covered by the large Radar Station. Have some Flak Stations protecting the Radar Stations.

The Ghorkov Host Station is found on the plateau in the southwest. Two clusters with Power Stations must be destroyed. One is in the north the other is south of it. The northern center of Power Stations is heavily guarded by Flak Stations. A fast destructive attack on the Power Stations in the south will save a lot of effort with the northern one.

Use the single Power Station between the northern and the southern Power Stations as a drop point for your units. Take mixed squadrons using your whole arsenal of weapons.

Destroying the Ghorkov you will receive another upgrade. It features the Budjonov. This jeep is a special weapon. On the chassis there is a bomb mounted. This bomb has got a tremendous power. Unluckily the jeep will be destroyed too.

http://www.terratools.de/urbanassault/e ... evel33.htm


Great things are going to happen. The Black Sect and the Ghorkov have occupied the region. The other factions are looking for the direct way to Parasite City. Especially the Ghorkovs have sent two of their upgraded Host Stations from the Tarantul II class (Scorpio). But the Black Sect wants to occupy this region for themselves. By the time they have become more powerful than at the beginning.

Your starting position is deep in the north. South of it there is the entry to the maze of defensive installations the Black Sect has created. First you have to avoid this territory.

Keep your attacks concentrated on the Ghorkov. Build a strong defensive base at your starting position. A large Radar Station will make the attacks of the Ghorkovs visible for you. Maybe you can also see one of their Host Stations.

In the plains between you and the Black sect there are many vehicles of the Ghorkov. Use this area for conquering land. Far to the west you can find an upgrade for the Wasp. It's weapon gets improved for another time.

Watch out for the Flak Stations of the Black sect. They have been build around the Black Sect-territory. They are extremely dangerous for your airplanes and helicopters. But keep looking for the Radar Stations of your enemies. When you destroy their Radar Stations they can't plan attacks on you. Because you can't attack an opponent you can't see. So keep undiscovered all the time. Especially the Radar Stations of the Black Sect have to be eliminated as the attacks of the Black sect are very dangerous. You only see them when they are already attacking you otherwise they are invisible.

To the southeast you will find the upgrade for the Falcon. It equips the airplane with a double-shot. This makes your Falcon a worthy weapon during dogfights.

Attacking the Ghorkov you should first attack the one in the north. If the enemy Host Station is near the Power Stations it will be harder to kill it. If it is near it's Power Stations capture some of them but leave at least one so the Host Station will not move to the other in the south. Hold the Power Stations long enough so the Ghorkov will fall after a short time.

If it is moving through the land it is probably trying to rebuild the Radar Station. It is vulnerable to attacks now. A small number of vehicles will be enough to finish this Host Station.

After destroying the first Scorpio capture all of the Ghorkov Power Stations. This takes a possibility of escaping from the second Scorpio and it also gives you a base near the enemy.

Now fight the second Ghorkov Host Station. Don't take all of the Power Stations so it will not change its position. A large force of Tigers, Hornets and Dragonflies will be able to destroy the enemy Host Station!

The Black Sect have dug themselves in. They are found in the city to the south. A few valleys are leading to the city. But they are very tight and labyrinth like. Make your approach as slow and as careful as possible. You'll never know witch what vehicles the enemy is attacking you!

Make sure the enemy does not spread your forces. Keep your units tight. Sit inside your vehicles to defend them against enemy attacks. Approaching slowly will be the key to reach the enemy base and for being successful.

Capture one or two of the enemy Power Stations and use them as a beampoint for your Host Station. Before beaming your SDU into combat make sure the system batteries are reloaded. Destroy the Black Sect Flak Stations. They aren't well armored but their shot is very strong.

Heavy tanks and helicopters will make the rest. Build them in front of the Black Sect Host Station. The rest will be like a child's play...

http://www.terratools.de/urbanassault/e ... evel34.htm

Industrial Center

The great bash at the Industrial Center. The Resistance has to win. Everybody came here. We have information that the Mykonians, the Black Sect and the Taerkasts have arrived with a Host Station each. The Ghorkovs even came with two Scorpio class Host Stations.

Build a small base after arriving at the starting position. Attack the Taerkasts with all your vehicles. Only a quick victory over the Taerkast is going to make it possible for you to survive. They are too weak to stand your attack at the beginning. The longer you wait the harder it is going to be.

After destroying the Taerkasts you will have enough sectors for providing a large number of Power Stations. The Marauder becomes improved by two upgrades. One for the bomb and the other for its shielding

Meanwhile the other factions are going to fight against each other. Maybe one or two are not going to survive this fight. This will make them weaker! Pay attention for the actions of the Ghorkovs. Their regions are very large. The longer the fights last the stronger they become. It is to expect that they occupy the whole middle of the city including the two upgrades.

Huge squadrons attacking the Ghorkov should now kill both of his Host Station. This will give you both upgrades. The weapons of your Jaguar and your Dragonfly will be improved. From now on the Dragonfly is the ultimate killing device!

It is possible that the Black Sect has been already destroyed. If they are still alive take care of them now. They are in the southeast of the level. When you attack the Mykonian Host Station you have an easy mission because they are not protected well by Flak Stations. A quick attack is the best way to win.

After destroying the Mykonians you will receive an upgrade for the Falcon. The shielding of this airplane will be improved making it almost a heavy vehicle! Both beamgates will lead you to Parasite City.

http://www.terratools.de/urbanassault/e ... evel35.htm

The Looong Way

The long way to the southeast leads you to victory. This is the only place that is secure of the constant attacks of Mykonian and Ghorkov units. As soon as you arrived conquer the upgrade sector near your starting position. It will improve the power of the Marauder's bomb.

Now beam to the southeast of the city. You will be under attack of the Mykonians because you move towards their region. Otherwise this position is strategically perfect. There is a city surrounded by Mykonian columns. Build some Power Stations and some Flak Stations for protecting your Host Station. Don't destroy the tight build sectors as they make the enemy squadrons split. This will make them easy targets for your Flak Stations.

In the southwest you can find the Ghorkov Host Station. Concentrate your attacks on the Host Station of this opponent. Capture his land. This is as bad for him as it is good for you. He is protected by a lot of Flak Stations. It is not enough for you to destroy his Power Stations. He will build new ones. So timing is very important. Near the enemy Host Station you will find the upgrade for your Warhammer. It will raise the power of his shields.

A big squadron for attacking the enemy is necessary. But you can also attack him with single Budjonovs. This destroys a Power Station and all vehicles positioned around the Power Station. Five Budjonovs are enough to weaken the enemy so hard that an attack can't fail.

To the northeast and to the northwest you can find Mykonian Power Stations. To each direction they are occupied by a Host Station.

It is possible that the Ghorkov have done half of the work for you. Keep concentrated on the conquest of the Power Stations. Attacking the Mykonian to the northwest would be logical as he is the one you fought the Ghorkov and maybe he is already weakened.

Attacking with the improved Dragonflies multiple attacks on Mykonian Power Stations will be possible. Support them with anti-air-vehicles. Right between the two Mykonian Fortresses you will find an upgrade improving the weapon of your Warhammer.

http://www.terratools.de/urbanassault/e ... evel36.htm

Desert of Madness

The transformation of the Parasite is in the final phase ! This territory has been totally converted by the Mykonians. The Ghorkovs and the Taerkasts have retreated from this region so it's only you to face the Mykonians here.

Our secret service has chosen a starting position for you. Some sectors are already conquered as well as a Power Station. This is a pretty good start. Don't disappoint us now!

Conquer the Southern region first. There you can upgrade the Firefly's weapon. Soon the Mykonians will launch attacks on your Host Station. Beam your Host Station onto the Power Station and build some small Flak Stations. They are better as the Mykonians will only attack with flying vehicles. In the Eastern valley leading to the North you will find an upgrade enabling you to build the Power Station 2+. It is equipped with two Flak Stations and gives you the best energy flow; if you have enough sectors.

Go and organize an attack with a large group of anti-air-vehicles. Send them North and support them with some heavier tanks. These tanks are for destroying the Flak Stations in the canyons. Two Mykonian Host Stations occupy this territory. Each Host Station guards the keysectors for the beamgate the other Host Station is sitting on top.

This means you have to destroy both enemy Host Stations in order to survive the level. But when you attack with vehicles like the Rhino or the Tiger this is no real hurdle.

http://www.terratools.de/urbanassault/e ... evel37.htm


After conquering this city your face will turn into a smile... But you will have a hard time getting to see it. The city is occupied by three opponents. The Ghorkovs have a big advantage in this level as they own the most sectors in this level. Don't let yourself be irritated as the Black Sect and the Mykonians aren't weak at all. If one of these is victorious over the Ghorkovs they are surely about to win. This is the reason you should destroy the Ghorkovs first as you will gain all of their land.

Your starting position is the ideal position for building up a cluster of Power Stations. In this corner of the city enemy attacks are rare. Build two of the largest Power Stations and conquer the surrounding sectors. Don't move too far into the Ghorkov's land as it is secured by the pesky little Flak Stations. Only the Eastern and Western sectors provide a secure path South.

In the Southeast there is an old Power Station giving you a recreation-point on your way South. A Power Station with the same function is to be found in the Southwest. Add a large Radar Station to these Power Stations. This gives you the sight for the whole Northern part of the city. Near the Power Station to the Southwest you find an upgrade improving the Firefly's shield.

In the western half of the Ghorkov's territory you will find the Mykonians. Don't attack them unless you destroyed the Ghorkovs. Otherwise the Black Sect will destroy the Ghorkovs first and therefore become extremely strong. The Ghorkov's Host Station is to be found deep to the Southeast of the city. It has some Power Stations there but they are separated from each other. This allow you to conquer one of them and use it as a beaming pod. Build some heavy tanks and let them attack the enemy Host Station. Use some Budjonovs to destroy the Ghorkov's Power Stations. A final blow with a Budjonov should enable you to finish the Ghorkovs.

The Southern part of the city is occupied by the black sect. In order to take away all the places to escape after a major attack you have to destroy the power Stations to the Southeast. Single Budjonovs conducted by yourself will be the best choice as the whole area is infested with Black Sect vehicles. The main Power Station-cluster is to be found in the Southwest. A big attack with a lot of medium and heavy tanks is going to be victorious. First you have to take the Power Stations to the West. Afterwards your Tigers will finish the Black sect. Now the time has come to finish off the Mykonians. Destroy or conquer all the Power Stations outside the defensive position of the Mykonians. Large attacks aren't useful as the defense is very strong and therefore none of your vehicles will break through. But you can distract the Mykonians so the most important vehicle can strike: the Rhino. If you sit inside the shot, 3-4 shots will be sufficient to erase the Mykonians from the field.

http://www.terratools.de/urbanassault/e ... evel38.htm

Slaughter Field

You will beam right into combat. Your Tigers are going to attack as soon as you enter the battlefield. Their coordination is not that good. Make them a group and let them attack one target at a time. Otherwise they have no real chance.

After the first attack you have to care about the Ghorkovs. This battle is easier as their tanks aren't that hard. Build some Power stations guarded by some Flak Stations. A large Radar Station gives you the advantage of seeing a big part of the enemy territory. Now take care of the Taerkasts. Their Host Station is to the East guarded by some Flak Stations. Not far behind the combat zone you will find an unused Power Station. Destroy the Flak Stations and the Radar Station. The power station will provide you with a shorter way to the Taerkasts. In the upgrade you find in this area you improve the Hornet's shielding. Multiple attacks with a Budjonov are going to destroy the Taerkast Host station. Don't get too close to the Flak Stations as only a few shots will destroy your Budjonov.

The main enemy of this region is the Black Sect. The whole time a Stoudson Bomb is ticking. The Black Sect initiated this. After destroying the Taerkasts send a squadron of Falcons to one of the keysectors of the bomb stopping the countdown. If they have aggression 2 they don't get distracted.

The Ghorkovs are your next objective. They are Southwest of your starting position. At the beginning of the battle they are weak but they become stronger the longer the battle. Don't waste too much time. Budjonovs are the key to victory. But you can also use Rhino shooting from behind the coverage of friendly vehicles. You find an upgrade near the Ghorkov Host Station. The shielding of your Marauder gets improved. The Black Sect will be your next enemy. Destroy every Power Station not used by you. This takes them away their possibility of escaping.

Keep the Power Stations of the Ghorkov and secure them with Flak Stations. First you conquer the Southwestern region of the Black Sect. Their influence is weak there. Near the Bomb and the two little Power Stations there are two Ghorkov Power Stations. They must be held as they are the perfect base for attacking the Black Sect. Take a few quick vehicles and take the upgrade sector near the Black Sect's Host Station. Now your Rhino has got a double shot. This makes him the ultimate killer. Use it against the enemy and see the destructive power.

http://www.terratools.de/urbanassault/e ... evel39.htm

Mission Possible

Shortly before reaching Parasite City you have a hard mission in front of you. There are three enemies waiting to get killed by you. The Taerkasts, the Sulgogars and the Black sect are fighting for supremacy in this region.

First of all secure your energy supply. One or two large Power Stations and some Flak Stations should be enough. You should also build a Radar Stations.

Now take care of the enemy Radar Stations. The Taerkasts will make life very hard for you. Some medium and heavy helicopters will be enough to finish them. Go straight to the Black Sect and take care of the Flak Stations in the Southeastern valley.

If the path is cleared the Host Station is your next target. Don't deal too much with the other enemies. Only after destroying the Black Sect you are able to win the fight. If you let them build up too long the Black sect is too hard. Send some heavy tanks to the Black Sect's Host Station. It is located on a hill in the Southwest and is secured by some Flak Stations. Some Budjonovs take out the Flak Stations while the tanks kill the Host Station. Using a Rhino is also recommended.

The Taerkasts are easy to fight as your technology is superior. Use the well known tactics to be victorious. Protect some tanks with helicopters and fight your way toward the Taerkasts who can be found in the Northeast. Conquer the Power Station in front of the hill and use it as a beaming pod. A Rhino can kill the Taerkast Host Station easily. In the middle of the region you will find a lot of upgrades. The armor of the Warhammer is improved. The Weapon is even upgraded twice. The Marauder's shield is upgraded as well. You have to slow down the Sulgogars using a lot of anti-air-vehicles. Otherwise their strong technology is going to kill all your units. Their Host Station is found in the Southeast. They can't build any buildings. Our Power Stations are used by them like parasites use their hosts. Destroy their Power stations and victory is yours!

http://www.terratools.de/urbanassault/e ... evel40.htm

Parasite City

The first mission in Parasite City is: stop the parasite. It is located in a circular Mykonian hill in the West. The Power Stations on the hills supply the parasite with energy. Each of these Power stations must be conquered.

Build a Power Station and a Radar Station at your starting position. Near your starting position you find one of these hills guarded by a Mykonian Host Station. Some shots with a Rhino kill it. You can also beam your Host Station on top of the hill and build some heavy tanks killing the enemy. East of your starting position is the Black Sect. Destroy their Power Stations. Use the Budjonov to destroy them. You have to look for a path between the Flak Stations.

Maybe the Taerkasts are going after the Black Sect. Support them in order to attack within a weak moment. They are North of you. Guarded weekly the Taerkasts are an easy target for a Rhino or a Budjonov. But first you have to kill the Black Sect. Don't deal with the Sulgogars as they are fighting the Mykonians and are going to be destroyed sooner or later. The second Mykonian Host Station is in the Northeast on top of one of the hills. Don't underestimate the Ghorkovs as their region is like a fortress. It can't be taken by ground vehicles as there are trenches and Flak Stations at the passes. Use the Northwestern Power Station and build a Radar Station to have an overview of the Ghorkov territory. Helicopters are going to destroy the ground-Flak Stations. The Ghorkovs have started a Stoudson Bomb. Destroy everything and take the bomb.

Your last target is the Mykonian Host Station. Use a Power Station near the Mykonian hill as a beaming pod. If you can't hold it destroy all the Power Stations with a Rhino. Or conquer one of them, beam your Host Station onto it and "spit out" some heavy tanks. Don't forget to beam away again. If all the Power Stations are destroyed the Mykonian is moving. This makes him vulnerable. This is the situation where he has to be destroyed.
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