Nothing but Rhinos

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Re: Nothing but Rhinos

Post by Yakamaru » Wed Dec 17, 2014 9:49 pm

superbob1998 wrote:Actually, I have done something like that.... (Back into the subject).... I have sent out an army of Rhinos that just shot everywhere and I looked at my map and I see sectors just becoming mine out of nowhere. It was funny, make a whole lot of Rhinos and make them all go after an enemy Spy Cam.

I is very funny, especially when they actually kill something. HA! :lol:
I've tried that. So much fun to see random sectors becoming yours!

I once had a gang of 10 Rhinos just sitting at my base, constantly keeping the enemy Stoudson bomb trigger disabled which was about 6 sectors away.

"Oh, Stoudson activated itself again? Well, time to hit the Rhinos!"
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