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An archive of older ua2 projects without source code
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Unreal 1 TC.

Post by Gyiyg » Mon Nov 23, 2009 12:53 am

I've been working on alot of projects as of late for Unreal, one of them was to include Urban Assault units in this RTS game developed by .:..: called "Command & Skaarj" which is shortened to CnS, which in turn is a mod based on Command & Conquer: Red Alert 1.

But apart from that I managed to pull off a sort of test mod, where you can drive a Resistance Tiger tank around this small arena with slopes and bridges to test how the vehicle handles, but I didn't get much farther in that regard.. and the project was sitting on my harddisk for years.

I feel like pitching in and making a mod for Unreal 1 that features everything Urban Assault has, even down to the exact sound effects. The only problem is, is the models, as I don't have much modeling skill nor good tools to handle Unreal's specific format.

For those who wish to know, I'm mainly active in this forum that's dedicated to the Unreal 1 fan base, and is home to the third party "227" patch that was a result of a petition to Epic to make a "Unreal Platinum" but the provider of OldUnreal.com managed to acquire rights to the source code and began work on the patch himself. Here's a link: http://www.oldunreal.com/index.html The forums to the website are on the side bar.

Feedback welcome on this idea, as I'm namely active the most in Unreal 1 than any other game and I'm adept at making mods for it too.
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