New briefings for the Taer/Ghor Intense mod new levels

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New briefings for the Taer/Ghor Intense mod new levels

Post by MarioSDU6/SDU7 » Wed Jan 12, 2011 5:27 am

Hi there! I may not post much because I'm ceaselessly working on the new maps for the Taerkasten and Ghorkov Intense Mod, but let's do a teamwork if you like.
Look, the mission briefings I had to write by myself (even I had to copy and paste the quotes that weren't used as well as some parts from the Resistance briefings), and I want to you to see if there's a mistake, correct it, and I'll give you credit after when the mod is released. (NOTE: The Mykonian Dispatch you see there on the L6868 part I actually made it to my own, while I was inspired by Life after People or Earth without humans)

L3838 (Intense Copy Down Arrow Hill)
Why the Black Sect decided to steal
other factions's flaks if they already
have their own one? It's odd, unless
they were really frustrated since their
own flak is not enough against certain
units. And now, 'this' Black Sect stole
other's Host Stations to keep playing
pranks and confuse us even more so
they destroy us! They are going to pay.
- Taerkasten High Command,
words from Moktashef Oyinlola,
a Taerkasten explorer

"By the time the forces fought here,
we were easily outclassed by them,
but we also gave fight and we fought
back until the end. Some would tell me I
should join other factions, but I said
'Sorry, but no'. There are still hopes I
can change the tide of the long and
constant war. Sylvius told me I must be
careful with the Black Sect station that
is close to my fortress. If necessary,
we must destroy it, but the other option
is to retreat immediately to the power
station in the south. Hmm... Which way
I'll choose... 2 upgrades... Sylvius
warned me the Black Sect stole Host
Stations from both sides; the Ghorkovs,
and we, the Taerkastens. It's really
annoying! They did that because they
were low at resources in this place, but
I shouldn't be merciful with them...
they are not my friends, they are my
foes, and they must pay with defeat."

L4545 (Lunatic Sulgophobia)
"Initially it was thought that Sulgogars
weren't cruel, that they simply saw
humans as food. Then we got a closer
look at what they did to "their" food."
- Order of the True Seers,
Confessions of Sylvius Shlkavisoon

The Order of Prophets told me the
godless Resistance once fought on this
place, but their assigned SDU was
defeated by the Sulgogar forces, and
before of his doom, they installed a
Stoudson Bomb in case all else fails...
However, the Sulgogars gained control of
the bomb, and I can foresee the Black
Sect will be there again just for
stealing the Stoudson bomb... Two
libraries, one of them under Black
Sect control. Sylvius told me the library
on Black Sect territory contains a
more powerful version of the power
station that is vital to survive tougher
battles on the way... Also, I have
received heavy reinforcements to
ensure the Black Sect doesn't kill me...

"Lectroman he be scouting the arcades
again. We can feel him. Wired into the
games. Scares the rush out of this
- From The Magazine Formerly Known as
Teenage Times

L4747 (Multi-Divided Dark Blue Valley)
"G hd nd lgh t my frs. Bt s y lgh, thngs
wll b hppnng."
- From Paranoid Dispatches

The machine must be kidding, huh? But it
seems it says the truth. This place has
changed since the godless Resistance and
the cockyheaded Ghorkovs came there,
but Sylvius told me this Block Piece multi-
valley contains a library with the
improved and definitive version of our
flak station.
I remember the good times in that place
that must be freed immediately, that we
used to play inside the domes of Block
Piece, but when the 2 enemies started to
invade every part from it, I was taken
back to home, where I decided to start
the adventure of my life for our needed
Taerkasten holy country. Now, the
enemies have become stronger, so do I...

"Don't forget that despite you become
stronger, your enemies will use new and
more insane ways to beat you. If this
happens, stay cool, and keep the power
of wisdom and courage to deal with even
the most dangerous obstacles ahead."
- Cha Am, last priestess of
the Original Order

The scouts informed me I start close to
a Resistance base, and there are 3 of our
power stations that must be recaptured
to start the freedom operation. They
told me I don't exactly need to destroy
the enemy power stations until it were
necessary, but these key sectors give
us clues that there are hidden hosts
there, and also that there's a new
Stoudson Bomb since the other one
malfunctioned and can't explode. It's
unknown who controls it, but let's take
care of their host stations to free this

"It's amazing we could establish bases in
this region, that is one of the most
populated from the continent. But still we
must keep an eye from our enemies the
Resistance, as we haven't fully captured
it yet, and also from the black faction
that also wants to steal our region. Well,
- Intercepted dispatch from Ghorkovian

L4949 (The Lunatic Thin Way)
"Green grass soft and cool. Moist dirt
beneath—soft and wealthy with
sustenance. Blue skies, green trees.
Garden planet. How could we have
tarnished you in such a way? From the
brain bank these thoughts came to me.
I have decided to let some voices
speak. But does this weaken me?"
- From Flying Fortress Rhapsody:
My Ascent into Madness

"This area is so thin that according to
High Command intel is called Sulog's Fine
Thread by the Resistance, but we called it
the Thin Way because is 1 sector wide, and
you must stay alert, because the energy
reloading time on this place will be very
low and you'll need to keep energy and
units to survive on this thin corridor.
The Resistance fought here once against
the Sulgogars, and they resulted
victorious. Now the Sulgogars want to
reoccupy this area once more. Also, if you
have Hetzel planes, the only library on
this place contains documents about
faster fire upgrade for it that will be
vital for future battles."
- Sylvius Shlkavisoon, mentor.

L5151 (Extreme Warmaker)
"With the kind of mentality humans
exhibit, it would only be a period of
time before they used their weapons
against each other, but we grow
- From The Mykonian Papers:
Intercepted Dispatches

Okay... Sylvius told me a story about
one of the godless Resistance fights;
it was one time where the Resistance
fought our forces on this place, we
surrounded them, but their intelligence
beat down our tactics, and in the end,
they defeated our forces and they took
our piece of land.
It's saddening the Resistance is still
owning one of the places of our holy
land... The machine helps me to also
foresee the mercilless Mykonians...and
the stealthy Black thieves, that are
on this place too.
Another message from Sylvius - A lonely
power station to the northwest...two
libraries will help you...this place has
2 beam gates, only one will lead you to
Pedestal Mountain...and be careful with
the new Falcon well as the
Resistance Dragonfly...its rapid-fire
and minigun are their most dangerous
cards against you...and the Black Sect
also uses them...

"The Ghorkovs dared to invade part of
our territory, and now the Resistance
has conquered this place... They say
they are the 'so-called' Peacemakers
but they resulted to be Warmakers in
the end. So when we started to recover
more of our land, then we started to
be the true Peacemakers for our holy
- Tale of the order of the Holy Seers

L5252 (Intense Saharian Quzrum)
"And so, sure. There it was, another
sunrise in the fish bowl, this weird
little space protecting us from all the
ugliness we did to the air outside. Then
the adults get on our case if we like
drop a piece of gum on their plastic
front lawns. It’s like you want to say,
‘Hey, go tell it to the oceans you

— From The Magazine Formerly Known
as Teenage Times

This place... Before I entered into battle
to save our holy country, I told a story
from a friend of mine to Sylvius about
this place, it was a time where my friend
before of his death by Ghorkovian hands,
was there on this place, a very curious
place where enginners from any class
tried out to make the Beam gate work
properly, but because of constant
sandstorms and high temperatures one
beam gate resulted completely damaged,
while other one, built along with the
first one malfunctioned because of
extreme temperature conditions (like
more than 68º Celsius per day)... Now,
a third beam gate was built with the
same materials after 2 years, and I
hope it lasts at least 7 years before
of building another one...The machine is
trying to tell me something...This
region is wide, with sandy dunes, and
a town controlled by the Ghorkovs...
Also, some libraries are on this region,
but their location is unknown, possibly
under Ghorkov control... I must act
quickly. A Ghorkov station close to me,
the other one on the city... Some
Resistance SDUs will be there too, and
I must stay alert with the Falcons...
Predeployeds will help me on this

L5555 (Lunatic Sands 'n' Sulgs)
If the Ghorkovs hadn't come to this
place, maybe we could have stopped
the Sulgogars just in time to save
this region even if it means the city
gets destroyed by the Stoudson Bomb.
But nooo, they had to put their noses
in our plans, worsening our hopes of
removing the Sulgogars, and resulting
in our termination. This city is now a
lifeless battlefield with only Sulgs
and other enemies in our way, and we
became the sandy souls that hope this
city can be freed from Sulgogar
- Will from a Le Zindendble soldier,
before of his death in Sulgogarian

"According to this map, this is the
famous Le Zindendble region, where we
established one of the most important
operation centers to monitor any
important enemy activity on these
corners from our holy country, but the
Sulgogars came, killed everyone, and
they established their domains over
this desertic place using our abandoned
power station to the northeast with
some reinforcements as well. We tried
to use our last resort, the Stoudson
Bomb, to avoid the Sulgogars take
the whole region for themselves, but
things got worse when the Ghorkovs
dared to invade this region, capturing
one Stoudson sector, and the bomb was
disabled and destroyed by the Sulgogars
while it was inactive by the Ghorkovs.
Now your objective is to kill off the
Sulgogars and the Ghorkovs who dared
to invade this important operations
point just for themselves. If necessary,
dispose off the Black Sect too who is
somewhere hidden on this region,
possibly by a hill artificially created
by them. We still hope we succeed on
saving this city so we can continue
monitoring any important enemy activity
on other areas."
- Sylvius Shlkavisoon, mentor.

"An analysis of adolescent development
of domies is complicated by the fact
that so many have been orphaned by
the pre-dome conditions their parents
faced. A young wizard at computer
games who lives in the back of an
arcade lives and sleeps in an old leather
jacket. A first assumption that he wore
this old relic of outside days as a
protest against the sterility of the
domes was later tempered by research
showing it had belonged to his late
father, the engineer who led construction
of the dome. In a world in which he has
no remaining family, is sleeping within
this old leather jacket the nearest he’ll
ever come to knowing a parent’s
- From Hangin’ with My Domies:
A Study of Adolescent Behavior
Within Domed Communities

L5757 (Chaotic and Lunatic Fray)
"The Resistance and Ghorkovs always
deceited us, and this is a thing we are
pretty upset and we criticize about them.
But we still don't get it, how is possible
that the Resistance and Ghorkovs got
so many followers? It's frustrating,
even for us, that it took more time to
convince them.
It's illogical! We can't accept the 2 factions
have more followers because of their
intuition rather than the down-to-earth
practicality! We must join, and end this
madness, because the Taerkastens are
reliable, modest, tell us the truth, and
they'll save us!"
- Meticulous group of hardworking
Taerkasten people that are trapped in
this conquered city

Sylvius: "You should end this fight. You
have the fault of destroying our land

SDUAA: "Look who we have here, the Taer
anxious, and hypochondriac worrier."

Sylvius: "Don't ever try to call me like
that. You're disrespectful. You should
know the war was caused by you, and not
by us, and you're the blame of that."

SDUAA: "This is a thing we don't like, the
upset and perfectionist personalities you
and your petty Taerkastens have.
We're sorry by what we did, but there's
no other way more than fight and win,
because we're more innovative."

Sylvius: "More innovative, hmph? You
SHOULD know why you're wrong and why
we're the real hope of the Earth, and NOT
1. You attacked our home mercilessly.
2. You destroyed OUR oceans, and OUR
atmosphere and for that you should be
End of discussion, prepare for battle."

SDUAA: "There's not end of this, and don't
be too upset with us, we are more
positive, and we'll tell you why the
Taerkastens aren't as admired as us.
1. You're too overcritical and too
2. Don't be harsh with us, no one is
perfect, and you must always behave
3. You should admit that the hopes are
also possible, and not being practical and
down-to-earth, because it will only bring
out pain.
And 4. Be more kind and generous with
everyone's else and give up so we won't
attack you and allow us to bring the
happiness there."

Sylvius: "You should be more realistic.
You were too careless, and you should
be punished. So when you realize your
mistakes, then we'll talk."

"Listen, there's not too much time, but
you'll start surrounded, and there's a
power station in the far west. One of
the libraries contain a new vehicle that
will help us a lot, but that will depend on
how much you use it well. We have 1 hour
to stop the Sulgogarian Stoudson bomb.
Your reinforcements will help you in this
place that is the most urban from this
continent and also the most urban
Taerkasten stronghold."
- Sylvius Shlkavisoon, mentor.

L6565 (Tic Taer Toe Insane Tactic)
"One of our main concerns that we had,
and still be are the performance of our
vehicles. We the Taerkastens have lived
so much time on the conservative side
that we lacked those elements by a very
long time, placing us at disadvantage,
but now we took the decision of
developing more advanced weapons and
more complex combat tactics to improve
the overall experience of our soldiers
and to give them a feel that we will
achieve victory and to abandon weapons
to finally live in peace as we always
wanted to set.
When we acquired the new weapons and
upgrades, our vehicles feel less like just
primitive by look and attacks, and they
feel more like real war vehicles perfect
for the strictier standards and suitable
for this current warfare era.
Another thing we had to develop, but with
painstaking and heavy sweating, was the
Serp Rush, that allowed us to use Serps
in great numbers to take down enemy
Host stations, and so to make things
much easier with much more effectively
impressive results.
Our vehicles are now taken with a
special care so they ensure they are
ready to face anything ahead. And this
actually feels very good because the
Taerkasten Order is moving in a direction
that they never moved before.
The Taerkastens are slow, but they are
surely developing their own unique style,
and becoming its own faction, that is
completely different from the other
factions. We're itching to develop the
library upgrades in time so more people
follow us instead of the traitors, and we
can't wait to see the reactions from
That's the report about the Taerkastens
and their current performance in the
world. See you next time!"
- Taerkasten dev Commitee about the
new features for the vehicles, flaks,
power stations, and Flying Fortresses.
October 10th.

This place...this place was once one of the
most underdeveloped of the Earth, but
our Taer weapon devs knew that not
even the Resistance and Black Sect
would know from this place until now,
that heard the Sulgogars arrived here,
and the 3 took control from all the
enhancement libraries.
Knowing this won't be easy, I must
capture all of them and then destroy the
3 main enemies before any of their
Stoudson Bombs explode.
Le Zindendble intel tells me there's a Serp
upgrade that will allow Serps to fire 2
suicidal bullets instead of one. But it's
hidden, so I must find it by my own.
The machine informs me the Resistance
has the lower part of the city, while the
Black Sect has the control of the dry
Dieverlatestad river, but the Sulgogars
don't seem to stop because they stole
some of our power stations while they
killed our Le Zindendble's Taerkasten
service soldiers.
I wonder which power station I must use
to make our base? This requires a lot of
caution because the wrong one will cost
me dearly...

L6868 (Four Weirder Acres)
Hush little baby, don’t you cry,
Ghorkovs are hiding just outside.

Keep your room clean every day,
Or Sulgogars gonna take you away.

Do your homework without a fuss,
Or Mykonians gonna squeeze you into

- From Hangin’ with My Domies:
A Study of Adolescent Behavior
Within Domed Communities

Hmm... I never went to this region
before, but considering we are closer to
victory, one might think, who will be our
next enemies on this stage field?
According to Sylvius's intel, I'm on a
region where some mountains prevail,
and there's a plateau where it was a
river before that became dry forever
Wait a moment...
Resistance helicopters there...?

"The Dragonfly, that strange helicopter
with rapid-fire rockets, and a strange
machinegun of its own, has proven to be
a tough vehicle for us. But after seeing
3 of them abandoned, we decided to
retool them to our standard controls.
Their weapons were also modified, so
use them wisely, and if any of them
survive, take them to the teleporter, as
they'll help you on other battles in case
you encounter hostile forces that will
surely kill you."
- Taerkasten High Command,
roll call about the Dragonfly

Yeah, I remember those vehicles that
caused us so much trouble, and we can
finally control them, but shame the
godless Resistance is not there, as I
wanted to payback the favor after they
stole the Bronsteijn once and used them
against us.
The machine tells me the Ghorkovs,
Sulgogars, and Mykonians are present
there, and there's a neutral power
station on the southeast. Also there are
some libraries on this place.
I must act quickly, before the 3 factions
come and kill me, and if in case there's
a Queen close to the neutral power
station, I must kill her immediately with
Leonids after I warp to the captured
power station.

"If the humans no longer exist, their
planet could have been a better place,
as the Earth can survive without them,
but those ill 'n' evil humans can't survive
without the Earth, and because of that,
they hate each other, and they horribly
destroyed their own ecosystem in the
end, so we decided to exterminate them
with justice as they are unworthy to
take care of this 'wasteland' they
--Translated from Intercepted
Mykonian Dispatches

L7272 (La Brutal Bomba)
"Earth is very badly infected with
humans. But we’re trying to take care
of that."
- From The Mykonian Papers:
Intercepted Dispatches

"Every time, we are closer and closer to
victory, and when this happens, you
must make a greater effort to lift up
the hopes of everyone that were
cheering on you, and so to free this
whole country from impure and rude
- Taerkasten High Command,
prayer and order TS-90

It's amazing the machine is telling to me
right now...I can feel it. We are closer to
victory, but I mustn't be overconfident,
there's more job to do. Three enemies...
The Ghorkovs...
The Mykonians...
And the Black Sect...
I'm amazed... there are several bombs...
five libraries on this place... my flying
fortress will become even stronger... I'm
surrounded by the Black sect... some
reinforcements to help me... the bombs
will be inevitably activated...
I must stop their plans on this region that
is one of the most impoverished on this
continent because of the constant war,
at an even greater scale than the
"Mountains of Thunder" region.

"What few people could understand was
that the machines are as addictive as
contraband neuropleasure shunts. The
machines learned early to greet the
newly plugged in. While your cortex was
still trying to understand the metallic
extensions that were demanding full
access, the machines would take hold of
the flesh that made you most human
and coax some frightened enthusiasm
for the fact they were there."
- From Flying Fortress Rhapsody:
My Ascent into Madness
Intense Mod progress (it includes tests):
Resistance 100% done
Demo version uncertain fate
New Ghorkov and Taerkasten 100% done


Factions of choice: Resistance, Ghorkovs, Taerkastens

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Re: New briefings for the Taer/Ghor Intense mod new levels

Post by MarioSDU6/SDU7 » Mon Oct 24, 2011 6:12 am

Unfortunately because the game has limited characters, I had to considerably shorten some of the Intense Ghorkov new level briefings, but don't worry, once the mod is released, you'll see a Notepad file called "Ghor Secret Dialogue" containing the real message the characters were saying on the new briefings (be warned, Conrade tends to be easily angered and be obscene after Hajanyn's difficult farewell).

L3737 (Sulog's Lunatic Death Steppes)
The steppes were our territory before
our enemies could arrive and conquer it.
According to the committee for commu-
nication and information (CCI), the
Sulgogars somehow managed to arrive to
this place. We were unable to discover
them until now, because it's possible
for the Queens to hibernate in chilly
times as they are sentient and need heat
to survive. Get rid of the Sulgogars to
free this place from them.

Also the CCI informs the Resistance is
close to you, and with good defenses, so
think wisely and find a way to break out
their defenses and defeat them. A power
station from the Kyternesian nation is
on the south, so recapture it. Keep an
eye to enemy activity so you don't get
attacked by surprise.

Don't disappoint us and keep staying alive!
Beam away Tarantul!

L4444 (Up to the Highest Limit)
The Kyternesian Militia National Council
"The homing missile technology for the
Ghargoil rockets: our enginners were wor-
king ceaselessly to design homing missi-
les for the Ghargoil to not only counter
and to outclass the Resistance Wasp,
but also to compete against the Hornet,
although only advanced soldiers got the
best results. But however, our enginners
could fulfill it and this weapon can be
a reliable finisher against tougher squads
of units. But the LFK also demanded
them to work on homing missiles to
Ghargoil 2s because they want to
strengthen even more their effective-
ness on combat."

While this technology is not here, we
hope you have acquired it on other place.
If not the case, just keep searching on
other places as this upgrade is necessary
for our success on this long fight for our
nation! The Liberation Forces of Kyter-
rnesia (LFK) trust on you to fulfill this
reality and to beat our imperialistic
enemies we hate so much through the

You must keep an eye open to this place
dubbed the "Ayalamih Egnar" by the CCI
as they possess the highest mountains
and elevations from the Earth, and the
Resistance is occupying that peak, but
one of their SDUs is close to you, so
be careful despite it's not on the
elevation. Also, they also reported
Taerkasten and Sulgogar presence, so
stay alert, and terminate all of them,
preferably the Resistance first.

L4848 Extreme Pithole
Message from the Kyternesian Supreme
Commander, Hajanyn Firunskofitsch:
"These are my instructions: You'll be
between enemies classified as The
Resistance and Mykonians. There's a
power station to the west that you must
conquer it and then prepare everything
to eliminate our enemies on this region
that contains 2 beam gates. But I recom-
mend you to get the south one as it
works as a shortcut to fight easier
battles and to reach the main parasite."

Conrade: "Shortcut? Main parasite? And
what about the other one?"

Hajanyn Firunskofitsch: "The other one
works, but I don't recommend you to
take the other one; I don't know where
will be the next destination."

Conrade: "Huh? You mean the info is
incomplete? If so, I'm going to test it
once I beat my enemies on that region
to verify if you are telling me the truth."

Hajanyn Firunskofitsch: "What!? Are you
willing to risk your life if you choose the
other one!?"

Conrade: "Huh? But it won't be anything
bad, I'll just try it once and then I'll use the
other beam gate as you ordered to me.
It's really..."

Hajanyn Firunskofitsch: "Enough of that
excuse already! Just take that south
beam gate, and that's over!"

Conrade: "Hey, I generally take orders
very seriously, and I never had intentions
to disobey your orders just like that. I
just only wanted to see where the other
beam gate will lead me to."

Hajanyn Firunskofitsch: "Yeah, but you
don't have the absolute right to do
everything you want! Yeah, I know our
objective is to free more regions, but
some places must be certain exceptions
as they haven't nothing to do with the
way until the main parasite."


Conrade: "And what about the upgrades?"

Hajanyn Firunskofitsch: "Hmph. I won't
tell you about those deadbeat upgrades,
but Sonya will do that for you."

Conrade: "Sonya!?"

The Kyternesia enginners saw how po-
werful the Rhino weapon was, and they
decided to make their own version using
laser energy, and after several failed
attempts, they could successfully make
the Photon Ball, a laser weapon that
travels slightly farther than the Rhino's
rocket, but it had a drawback, it's less
powerful, but it's compensated by the
fact it reloads a little faster. ^^
Unfortunately the Resistance arrived
there and stole the weapon to be used
by their Rhinos. :( When the Mykos
arrived, they conquered all this place,
but the Resistance got some of their
land. Also, the CCI informs the Myko-
nians have control of the deep pithole
Yama located at the southeast, and they
plan to install another parasite on
that deep hole! D: They were also tes-
ting another Rhino-like Myko-weapon,
but with good results! Stealing both
weapons will help us much, but once you
go out, you can't create Rhinos with
those weapons anymore so try to build
a lot of them. Good luck out there! =D
Sonya Titova, niece of Hajanyn

"After the Big Mistake, people started to
starve and fight one against other by
those necessary resources. The trust is
lost and most people don't trust others
because they think these guys will
inevitably trick them and kill them to
steal their resources for themselves and
their survival. That selfish thought ma-
kes the humans too dependent on saving
their lives rather than having a hope
everything will be back as before. On this
war, there are no practically good guys,
and all what we'll find are bad guys, no
matter how much good side they have. I'll
wish I could be another race so I could
take my evil out of my spirit, but it
seems that the desires of the brain are
linked with the good spirit (whether pure
or impure), and therefore I can't avoid
to make something that will cause
damage to a sensitive thing just for
ourselves while we pollute our Earth even
more. I feel I'm just evil, but if some good
humans were classified as another race
just by personality and not by cell
investigation and DNA codes, I would
become someone that is against the
power-hungry humans, but because of
my human side, it's sad I'll still become
trapped on this polluted human body..."

Taken from a Taerkasten soldier who was
skeptical about how the human race
behaved on all its existence.

Development report of the development
executive of the Liberation Forces of
Kyternesia (DELFK):
"Did you really enjoy the Ghargoil homing
missiles? Well, We want to tell you we
actually made a more advanced version
of those missiles so they can travel a
little faster and even they are more
homing than the previous version, and
we call this version LG; no, we are not
talking about Life's Good, but LG as
weapon means "Long Guided" (more spe-
cifically LRGM, Long-range guided missile),
and that means they are more effective
than regular homing missiles, but we
don't know where we installed it, so good
luck finding it!"

Sonya: "If you wonder how you got those
Rock Sled vehicles, is that they were
found abandoned from the Black Sect,
who stole it from the Resistance. And
they were retooled with Kyternesian
controls so you could control them. Use
them against their enemy hosts and their
power stations." =)

Conrade: "Huh? You tell me they are use-
ful for that? But they would be unneces-
sarily wasted if I use them against the
enemy hosts... Use your head Sonya.
They can't be created from my current
inventory, they are Resistian vehicles!
And I'll use them better against squads
of incoming units in case my defenses
aren't ready enough. Don't worry, their
sacrifice won't be in vain, and there are
better units who can deal with their power
stations and hosts, so deal with my

Sonya: "Ooookay, as you like. But I hope
you can succeed on thi..."

Conrade: "Don't worry, I will. I can handle it
my friend Sonya. Over and out."
...Transmission ends...

L5656 (Mykonized Ghost City [Extreme])
Conrade while reading Hajanyn's lost
"It's really saddening for me when I lost
my family and my hometown after that
Mykonian attack there. I was sure my
older brother Serpgey Firunskofitsch was
going to win with our Tarantul, but after
discovering the Mykonian plans and
tactics were impossible to predict and
stop on that time, we had no chance to
overcome them and he lost his life in vain
after they blew up my brother's Host
Station. The Mykonians got rid of
everything on this place, my
friends, even I was witness they killed my
parents I loved so much:
- Mahrya Borislavovevna (mother), and
- Firunskof Sokolovich (father)
And this...this really saddened and
traumatized me as I couldn't bear how
this event destroyed my peaceful life
once I had. This angered me and I decided
to don't come back here anymore as it
would really dampen my mind and spirit
with all those painful memories.

If any of you, ANY OF YOU, read this lost
diary, is because it's not destroyed at
all, but I warn you... I WARN YOU, don't
attempt to save my hometown from
the Mykonian clutches as it's now a lost
cause for my ego and my soul......"

Conrade: "You know Sonya, I have taken
the decision of saving his hometown from
the Mykonian hands as I will keep the
positive hopes alive, but it won't be easy,
so don't rush me as it will be a very
difficult task for me and the..."

Sonya: "But...!"

Hajanyn Firunskofitsch: "Excuse me, I
didn't catch that last thoughtless mes-
sage you said?" :|

Hajanyn Firunskofitsch: "Hmm...well, I'm
going to put this as lightly as I can, my
trusted soldier, but..."

Hajanyn Firunskofitsch: *strikes pretty
strong to Conrade* "FORGET IT!!!"

*After a rather long conflictive,
hardheaded, and hard-edged discussion*

Hajanyn Firunskofitsch: "............I'm sorry
... I can't... This is just a problem I must
deal by my own, so you'll have to
continue my mission without me.
Good luck my most trusted soldier, and
my adoptive younger brother. And
please, don't die for us...
Farewell..." *he quitted locking the
elevator so he doesn't follow him*

Conrade: "No! Hajanyn! Please come
back!!!" *He hits the elevator door very
strong, but nothing, is too late*


"Don't feel bad, he might come back as he
knew you matured and you can do the
things by your own and for our planet.
He didn't gave you the briefings, huh?
Tee hee hee! :D I can explain it to you!
MY BOTTOM LINE: Expect a rude welcome
from both Taerkastens and Mykonians.
You'll encounter the Black Sect on this
place too. So eliminate ALL enemy
presence to free this place that was his
hometown. Also, if you liked the Ghargoil
2 homing missiles, there's a tech upgrade
that let those helis fire at longer
distances, making it superior than the
Hornet, rather interesting, no? ^.^ Get
that tech upgrade for us! So let's go!
Beam away Tarantul!"
Sonya Titova, niece of Hajanyn

L5959 (Sheer Mykonian Subzero line)
"I'll wish this could be a dream, that the
Resistance and the Ghorkovs had never
done the unthinkable:
thawing down the Siberian permafrost
by accident.
Well, not directly, but by ignorantly
making secret nuclear experiments by 10
years that would be one of the causes of
the Big Mistake, and after those stuff,
the scorched permafrost started to free
methane into the atmosphere, speeding
up the global warming, destroying the
ecosystems, and making the Earth even
hotter and more vulnerable. After the
Thánatos Katastrofón asteroid impact
killed 20% of the Earth's life directly,
our population reduced to approximately
6 billion people. The Resistance and the
Ghorkovs thought they could repair the
irreversible damage with just freeing
the metane, but their plan backfired
against them and our human race as the
global warming became even worse than
before thanks to the methane on the
atmosphere. The human population had
decreased considerably (making it now at
only 600 million people) during the Big
Mistake because of the increased UV
radiation levels and the abscence of food,
as 99.9% of all crops died in a matter of
hours during the Big Mistake that also
destroyed the oceans and the life that
had on it...
I don't know even what to do with our
critically endangered human race..."

Taken from a well-read note found on the
Mykoline written by Mikhail Ivanovich
Zhukov, a Kyternesian ecologist.

Sonya: "Umm... Are you sure you want
to do this Conrade?" ._.

Conrade: "Yes, I'm certain I will beat them
on their own conquered land."

Sonya: "But, don't you think it's very
dangerous even for you fighting on a
place that is 1 sector wide?"

Conrade: "Yeah, I'm aware of that. I will
beat those Mykos no matter how impos-
sible and dangerous are the obstacles
ahead. Don't worry, I'll win this one for
me, and for everyone!"

Sonya: "I see... But before you go to
fight, there's a tech upgrade that will
improve the Gigant armor." :)

Conrade: "Yeah, the briefing is showing
me where's the upgrade. I will capture it
and I'm sure we'll have greater hopes
for me and our Kyternesia nation. It
wouldn't be fair those Mykos will just
keep that piece of land that was originally
ours, so let's go."

Sonya: "But...! o: *sigh* You're so willing
to save everything without thinking how
much ready you are before your enemies
that will become even stronger if you
go farther. :) So beam away Tarantul!" ^^

L6161 (Simon Says "4 United Insane Yánsè")
From the organization guide for soldiers
of the Liberation Forces of Kyternesia
"Kyternesian soldiers must always have
a good eye for detail if they want to
survive the toughest battles, even if
that means the odds are against them.
From that way, they'll know what to do
to beat their imperialistic enemies."

Conrade: "So that's the freaking 4 colors
stage I read on some books..."

Sonya: "Yeah, it looks like so. But are you
sure you want to do this? You aren't on

Conrade: "Territory. And yeah, I'm out
from it, and my enemies are the
Resiiissstance, the Sulgogars, and

Sonya: "Oh. I see why you have so much
honesty telling me the exact enemies."

Conrade: "Hmph. I don't talk too much,
but whatever, with that Tien-Ying 7
defending my station things will be

Sonya: "With that meticulous and
perfectionist attitude, I think you have
a Taerkasten side."

Conrade: "Maybe, And what? Have you
seen the Kyternesian vehicles are slow
and heavily armored like Taerkastens
do?" :|

Sonya: "Oopsie, no... I forgot it! But I
think your traits are making the relations
with the Taerkastens better."


Sonya: "Huh? :o I didn't know our nation
has very good relations with the

Conrade: "That was sarcasm. I see you
don't understand it."

Sonya: "Sarcasm? Then why you said

Conrade: "You want an answer? Well,
most Taerkastens are disgusted with
us the Kyternesians as those yellow
morons think we polluted the Earth even
more than the douchebag Resistance
because we use radiation-based

Sonya: "Oh, but you'll obviously win this
battle, no Conrade?"

Rwanjan: "He never thinks he's just
amazing after what he did to help us and
the Kyternesia nation. In fact, he's
always aware the enemies will become
stronger, and he'll always striving to get
better, and then become the greatest
hero and leader from Kyternesia and
from Earth."

Sonya: "Oh, I understand why he usually
feels and thinks like that. And although
I see Conrade is overall stronger and
more popular than SDU7, SDU7's forces
are still usually superior in strength and

Rwanjan: "That's good." =)

Sonya: "It will be certain our Conrade will
'touch' first the button to activate the
Stoudson Bomb. =D But I wonder what
color Simon will say after Conrade's
But it will be certain the 'red player'
will win." <3

Excerpts, alterations and extensions of
the law of the Liberal Social Militia
Regulations of April 20, 2121

All soldiers that work for our Kyternesia
nation must obey strict orders from
their upper commanders. However, the
soldiers that disobey orders just for
other stuff that will help the nation is
a sign that these soldiers are becoming
more childish and are putting the mission
into a real danger. But if they push their
superiors at the furthest, from greatly
disobeying orders until rebelling against
them to do other stuff that would be
prejudicial to our nation, they will be
taken to the Executive Complex for People's
Health and Organ Transplants (EcfPHaOT).
The penalties according to §10780 will
depend on how much immaturity and
offense the delinquent showed to their
seniors and the Kyternesia nation.

Published by the militia executive
council of the LFK militia regulations,
Hajanyn Firunskofitsch,
Synonym Firunskofitsch,
Rwanjan Firuns-Kofitsch.

Rwanjan: "We hadn't time to tell you the
objectives on Kamshadka, but we made
the best to inform you about the
enemy vehicles."

Sonya: "He made another amazing job.
He didn't need the briefings since the
info wasn't always reliable, but he
already knew what to do." =)

Rwanjan: "Oh, I have already noticed it,
my mistake!" XD

Conrade: "There are more job to do, the
Resistance doesn't rest, so I don't
either. And wow, I'm starting to notice
I'm treated like a real king with all those
predeployed AI drones."

Sonya: "lol. Yeah, many AI drones were
predeployed to support you on this
place, that is, luckily less cold than in
Yama and my uncle's hometown." =D

Conrade: "And the overrated Mykonians
aren't as strong as in other places, but
still they might be strong enough to
wipe out the Resistance and Black Sect."

Sonya: "Conrade! Conrade! We discovered
the Black Sect can move almost

Conrade: "Almost instantly? Are you
kidding me? That's impossible. What do
you mean with that?"

Sonya: "The Black Sect somehow
discovered the way of moving their
stations at supersonic speeds, ignoring
completely their weight and so not
having any trouble at all." :o

Conrade: *sees too with a cartoon
character* "... So they managed to build
a supersonic engine that allows them to
travel at insanely fast speeds while
ignoring their weight and retaining their
control. How cheap they are."

Sonya: "Huh? That means the Black Sect
is cheating again as crookeds?

Conrade: "S*** yes, and see you in the
battlefield, there's no time to waste, so
let's do this."

Sonya: "Oh, wait! Oh... I forgot to tell him
the city name is russian and it means
Sailor Kytars City, where there are a
group of our sectors forming a male sign
indicating here's the main enemy."

The Taerkastens are practical, earthly,
discriminating, practical, detailed,
cynical, pragmatic, plain-spoken, self-
disciplined, unforgiving, problem-solvers,
etc, but some of their people believe in
magic (something that for some people
it doesn't exist despite of their religious
thoughts they have).
I have, I feel, I sense, I analyze, I desire,
I use, and I believe are their mottos.

The Resistance are diplomatic, dependent,
straight forward, charitable, blunt,
inventive, unpredictable, fickle, eccentric,
humanitarian, impatient, philosophical,
indenpendient, logical, etc, but they
have a very good analytical mind to
describe the situation in a battlefield
(although not always as some of their
info is incorrect and therefore they need
to be more aware and pragmatic of the
I balance, I see, I know, I win, I control,
I entertain, and I perceive are their

Oh, please! I'll wish those people were
to mix their beliefs so they were even
better people, but I must admit their
qualities in battle aren't to be underesti-
mated and therefore they are tough
opponents. At least I am, I think, I will, I rule,
and I reign are the mottos from our
Kyternesia nation."

Taken from a Kyternesian soldier who
found out about the personality traits in
every fair human faction.

Development report of the development
executive of the Liberation Forces of
Kyternesia (DELFK):
"While we enjoyed the design of the
Ghargoil 1 and 2 homing missiles, we also
fought to improve the firing rate of the
Tien-Ying 7, since we thought our enemies
would also upgrade their vehicles and
update their battle plans making them
harder to defeat. We developed one part
in Gelombang Pelabuhan (Harbor Wave)
Islands, but the enemy is now controlling
it. With just capturing the upgrade
sector our plane will have another firing
rate part..."

Conquer the Kyternesian power station
in the northeast corner. You'll start off
close to 2 plateaus under Resistance and
Taerkasten control, which CCI says it's
not good because they'll attack you
immediately. Fortunately we got some
reinforcements that will help you to
reach the power station, but you also
unexpectedly received 3 more Rock Sleds
to help you in this battlefield. Don't
engage the enemies immediately until
you get prepared enough to launch an
offensive over them. Also, sulgogar and
Black sect activity have been registered,
so good luck Conrade! ^^
Sonya Titova, niece of Hajanyn

L6767 (Tlobrednuht Esnetni)
"Don't feel rejected Conrade, our leader
needs time alone, and he made enough
with training you impressively well, so
show the Kyternesian forces you're our
trusted soldier that will save our nation
and our world from our nasty and
imperialistic enemies!"
- People from the committee for com-
munication and information (CCI)

According to the general Yumirin, this
place (nicknamed "Yuzhno Thunderbolt
Island") was his homeland before the
Mykonians could invade it, that is now a 2
sector wide place. The Mykonians do not
want you to access even further to
the main parasite and they are guarding
the beam gates with their stations.
Also, the Black Sect is oddly there in
this region, possibly wanting to conquer
it, and the worst part is that they
mimicked our Turantul I host station and
is close to you!!! D:
Sonya Titova, niece of Hajanyn

Message from Rwanjan Firunskofitsch
about the situation:

"I'll wish to help you, but unfortunately
we can't help you as this mykonized
place is out of our limits and you'll have
to rely upon your forces you sent
through the beam gate to survive...
You're lucky he didn't exile you or else you
would have been taken to the Executive
Complex for People's Health and Organ
Transplants and our mission efforts
could have been in vain, since you're HIS
best soldier. I agree with you, since you
have the right to arm yourself with
upgrades as we don't know how really
strong our enemies will become, and we'll
need to free all regions possible to make
our great Kyternesian nation stable and
(That's why I also informed you about the
distress signal in 'last second')"

L6969 (Extreme Mykhatka Krai)
"Alert! The enemy is advancing further
into our domains! All remaining forces
prepare heavily to stop the dirty
threat once and for all! So the humans
can upgrade their vehicles? Well, we ARE
going to do the same thing, but this
time, there's no chance their ill and
corrupted race can stop those new and
improved models. There's NO WAY they
can beat our improved vehicles, even
if they defeat a whole squad, we'll
continue until our enemy runs out of
resources and becomes open for our
final blow! The more our enemies are
closer to our main active parasite, the
more powerful we will become so he
shouldn't step on our way, and we're
going to do EVERYTHING possible to kill
that ill enemy once and for all!"
--Translated from Intercepted
Mykonian Dispatches (During the
SDU7 Assault into Mykonian

Sonya: "... *gasp!* Are you crazy!? You
won't stand a chance on this place!" :o

Conrade: "...? What do you mean with
that? I can handle anything." :B

Sonya: "This...this is the place of the
conquered Mykonian limits, where once
you go there, there won't be any chance
of leaving alive... The people call it:
'The Krai of the Death'".

Conrade: "Ah...yeah, I remember they
told me about that place, but still, there
are times when you can escape, take
more tech upgrades, and later try it
again by own will."

Sonya: "Yeah, but in this case the CCI
discovered the Mykonians got several
upgrades and they'll try everything
possible to erase you so you don't
conquer this place that for them is their
military 'hometown'."

Conrade: "If so, then it's necessary to
act immediately to save this place.
They are among the toughest this time,
(and it really annoys me, as I'll have to
endure the almost constant Myko
attacks >_<)."

Sonya: "But...but I'm just aware of your
life! I can't let you to fight on this place
since your possibilities of survival are
3%! D:"

Conrade: "You think you will stop me? :I
Suck it! Look, there's a tech upgrade
that CCI told me it will improve the
Skorpio's firing rate, but it's only by this
time, because once I leave, the effects
of that upgrade will be lost forever. IT

Sonya: "Don't you think you're pushing
too forward before the situation we're
handling? You shouldn't be conceited
since this might be your downfall..."

Conrade: "... Do you see me as weak? :|
I have faith on my skills, and I'm sure I can
do that. Don't be inflexible Sonya. Hajanyn
is gone, so I'll act for him and Kyternesia.
Deal with it!"

Sonya: "Your words made me lol. I'm sorry
about that then. I talk too much, and well,
the Resistance is-"

Conrade: "There? Yep. So let's get to
business. Beam away Skorpio."

L7474 (Lunatic Graveyard Island)
Personal information about Conrade:
Age: 29
Gender: Male
Western sign: Leo
Chinese sign: Rat
Likes: Collecting goods, save his budget
for rainy days, help others in difficult
situations, going to adventure and
explore, dramatic events, lavish living,
cold places, status, money, respect.
Dislikes: being at the end of line, strict and
pointless routine, mean spiritedness,
small minded people, doing things with
down-to-earth safety, boring lifestyles,
running out of ideas, failure of any kind,
summer season.
Colors: Red, light blue, cyan, gold, orange,
royal blue.
Current occupation: military upper
commander from the Liberation Forces of
Kyternesia (only behind Hajanyn). He
fights to stop the Mykonian Invasion.

Sonya: "The CCI does not have any
knowledge at all about this place, that I
only know it has been visited by a Russian
anthropologist a long time ago." O_o

Conrade: "It's now called 'Graveyard
Island', and I observed and analyzed along
with some people that live there that this
place has a long history with the pesky
Sulgogars and the previous Kyternesian
forces. The incident occured 12 years ago,
when the Sulgogars realized this place is
very good to reproduce like insects, and
the Kyternesians fought against them to
protect this culturally rich place, only to
result in a WAAAAAAAAAH failure."

Sonya: "lol. I guess they are now resting.
But how do you know this place is called
'Graveyard Island' if you told me the
Kyternesians fought against the tough
Sulgogars!?" O.o

*After some explanations by Conrade*

Sonya: "Wow, you know a lot!"

Conrade: "That is called sense of the
observation, and having keen eye to stay
prepared before the obstacles ahead. And
really, I don't like to fight on hot and
tropical stages."

Sonya: "Falcon...! I definitively need to
learn more from you Conrade."

Conrade: "You should. It will help you a lot
against almost any obstacle ahead. And
I'm not your red plumber." :/

Sonya: "lol Just kidding! XD Still, you have
the Master Machine at your disposal." =)

Conrade: "The sword? You mean the
sword? And yes, I have."

Sonya: "Ohreally? I didn't know you had
the famous sword!" :D

Conrade: "That was sarcasm, and do you
see me as 'Conrade of the Stars'?" :|

Sonya: "Oopsie! XD Then I wish you luck as
CCI recently discovered the-"

Conrade: "Black Sect and Taerkastens are
also there, now wanting Xtreme revenge.
There's a neutral power station to the
southwest, but I must place a stronger
power station over that weak one. Once I
beat the 3 main enemies, the beam gate
will lead us to the final confrontation with
the Mykonians, so let's go. Over and out."

L7676 (Extreme Mykandoora's Last Stronghold)
"Why the Mykonians stopped digging
labyrinths if that was their forte? One
possible explanation is that they prefer
to make high plateaus as they are a
better defense than labyrinths, and they
realized labyrinths served as a handicap
for them.
Sometimes I'll wish this battle were to
end, because I miss my good old job
entertaining everyone with console
videogames, giant girls and huge
mechanoid animations along the way. I
really miss to play on the Sun Rising
island as before, it's so fun, so amazing,
but I'll have to wait until someone free
this whole region from Mykonian hands
and succeed where others have vainly

Taken from Hideyoshi Shinovich Makarov,
a Japanese-Russian ex-animator and
scientist that keeps the high hopes of
victory on this region.

Rwanjan: "We're every time closer and
closer to victory, but this place... It gives
me goosebumps with only seeing it..."

Sonya: "Huh? I never saw you so fearful
before. I'm a rather strong Kyternesian
soldier despite of my cute personality,
and I can fight pretty well, but I see
what you mean about Mykandoora. It's
kinda scary."

Rwanjan: "Mykandoora!? This place is now
turned into a graveyard, and I doubt
Conrade can succeed there!"

Sonya: "What a beautiful lack of faith you
have. :| I know Conrade will do it!" ^^

Conrade: "... It's not easy Sonya. Not for
sounding like a skeptical embittered, but
I'm growing tired of this long and
exhausting-like-Hell war, and seriously, I
want to end this, now." :|

Rwanjan: "Unfortunately his acts are a
double-edged sword against himself. That
means while he has won many victories,
he has also suffered so much damage as
he was under constant pressure, and as
he goes on more difficult levels, the
worse is the pain he receives."

Sonya: "Really, I'll wish to help! If Conrade
had already enough with the Resistance,
the Sulgogars, the Taerkastens, and the-"

Hajanyn: "...Mykonians? Those brats
don't know when to give up..." :|

Sonya: "Uncle? Is that really you? What
are you doing here?"

Hajanyn: "I didn't came here to save you.
The Mykonians won't rest until they kill
Conrade and the humanity. The enemies
pushed Conrade's limits, and they'll
continue doing that."

Conrade: "You came back sooner than I
anticipated. Well, then I must continue
with the mission. End of---"

Hajanyn: "Wait! Before you proceed, you
must know this place is the second most
important Mykonian stronghold after the
Parasite Dome. The Mykos use their
Parasite as a definitive Stoudson Bomb,
and also that the Mykos turned this
place into a real undead graveyard."

Conrade: "I'm already aware of that.
So see you in the battlefield."

Hajanyn: "Grr... That guy, is he on drugs
or what!?" :|

Sonya: "Just leave him alone uncle. =) He
has an amazing eye for detail, and he's
right, the Resistance, Sulgogars, and
Taerkastens are there, so the only thing
we must be sure is that Conrade will
destroy them along with the Mykos, and
I have the feeling this will be his most
challenging and fiercest battle."
Intense Mod progress (it includes tests):
Resistance 100% done
Demo version uncertain fate
New Ghorkov and Taerkasten 100% done


Factions of choice: Resistance, Ghorkovs, Taerkastens

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