Infestation 3

Urban Assault has a very interesting plotline, but it is usually hidden from the players. Discuss the rich story of UA here, or write your own fan fiction and display it here!
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Infestation 3

Post by Brachy UA FREAK » Mon Sep 15, 2014 1:18 pm

The boy. Killed. By me. I just couldn't help. It was shocking that now i had blood on my hands aswell. What his parents would say? What the doctors would think of me? I started hearing screaming again. Was I awake? People running around. Was I dreaming. The lights went out. There was no more screaming- just silence. What the heck is going on. I just felt a warm pressure on my feet. A man just mumbled something. He quietly said that he is sorry. Obviously somone who got into the wrong bed. I just looked at him. Why am I not saying anything? It must be really akward for him. Until I realized he couldn't see me. Where was my mind? Is it playing tricks on me. Screaming again- loud high pitched screaming as a pig getting killed. Suddenly silence again. Nothing. Even the man stood up and walked away. He bumped against the doorframe and sweared quietly. I tried to find some sort of lightswitch. Am I really in this basement with a dozen of scared people? Aren'T there any Leonid Tanks outside. You could hear the squeaking from miles. It was just dark- pitch black. If there wouldn't be occasional screaming and people coughing you would go insane. A young sounding voice asked what is going on. Someone said war. The young voice eagerly answered , that that would not be possible. The Resistance are hundred of kilometres away the young voice said. The other man replied nothing. Silence again. Minute after minute. It felt like you could hear the clocks ticking. Screams again, high pitched. Something terrible is out there.
Someone whispered. I couldn't hear it. Someone yelled, Sulg-o-gars. Silence again. The young voice mumbled something. The man replied that everything will be ok. Sulg-o-gars wouldn't get her as long as he is with her. She started crying. A damp muble came from outside. Soldiers! They come to save us. The mumbling got clearer. Dampe gunfire outside. Soldiers defentivley- Probably doing their "salivation" of crippled people. Silence. Screams again- sounded like a man got torn apart. something was hitting the big Steeldoor. Soldiers- we will be free. One knock only? Another knock. What was this? Water dripping from somewhere. The door ached. It was deafening. It burst open. Light fell into the basement- it was day- finally. I tried to get up, but fell on my knees. That wasn't water- it was blood. It slowly came towards me. I couldn't move. Itran cold down my spine- what the hell are they doing outhere. Something moved outside. I couldn't see it. The bright sun blinded me. Gargling. Sulg-o-gars.
Everyone knew stories about someone's relative friend had someone being taken by Sulg-o-gars. Rumours said they used humans as fertilzer. But noone had any clue what for. Could the plant like jellyfishes plan something else than foraging and eating? I realized that up there soldiers got torn apart and young girls killed. I peed into my pants.
Tentacles came throguh the door- suddenly the whole creature was inside the basement. Screams- Screams everywhere. 2 Soldiers opened gunfire- tHe jellyfish like thing sank to the floor. It started to bubble. Looked like cooking green cooking water. Another one came inside. I suddenly had to cough. There was no breath. It hurled to the soldiers. Taking up both of them with its 13 tentacles
holdin g them in the air. Three of these appendages sliced the skin of this man. Screaming and coughing he couldn't help. His throat was strangled. This thing ripped of the skin. It ripped at the leg-My eyes began to fade black. The skinless soldier screamed no more. Bloody dripped all over the floor as the rest of his head just exploded. A part of his brain hit me somewhere. I coughed another time and fell to the side. Crushing the wohel body- blood all over the floor. There was no more coughing and no more screaming. The Sulg-o-gar dropped the piece of flesh. The other soldier like a sack of potatoes. I faded out.

Soon the Reinforcements will roll in and clean every presence not Taercastic units.


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