Infestation 2

Urban Assault has a very interesting plotline, but it is usually hidden from the players. Discuss the rich story of UA here, or write your own fan fiction and display it here!
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Infestation 2

Post by Brachy UA FREAK » Sun Jul 27, 2014 1:41 pm

I jumped. Into the abyss. Nothing to see. The screaming got more quiet. A loud splash. Bubbles going up all around my body. It got brighter. As I sank deeper and deeper into the abyss. Warm water, yellow light. Peacefull beside the fact that you can't breath. A few more seconds to hold my breath. I will be out soon. A few more seconds. I heard screaming again. As The water became red. We didn't have red light down in the bunkers. I realised it was blood. As I came closer to the exit iIsaw a piece of metal lying on the ground with some clothes lying beneath it. As I swam up, supported by the currence I felt a tiny rip in on the back of my hand.
Two hands grabbed me. The screaming was immanent, yet I was relieved. I could breath. Fresh Air filled my lungs. Then I realized two young men pulled me out. Blood was all over the floor and a child screamed with blood all over his stomach. He was alone in Pain as I was the fourth person down. I ran to the emergency kit and grabbed the soft pads. I ran back to the boy- kneeing over him I took a towel and brushed the blood aside. I filled in the softpads. The bleeding got less. The screaming became more of a wheeping. I told the boy to stay calm and everything will be ok. His parents will soon be here. The wheeping got calmer. I injected Adrenalin to keep him awake. The wheeping got more silent. I yelled at the two man to get over here and help me with this boy. They completly ignored me. I screamed again- no reaction. I heard the splashing of water. Another person, an middle aged man, was pulled out by the two man. He was drenched in blood. The two man grabbed the next person as the man collapsed behind him. I rushed over to him with the emergency kit. Brushed asaid the blood and filled in the soft pads. I injected a load of adrenaline, i ran back to the boy. His wheeping was barely hearable. There was more blood on the floor. They boy was drenched in it again. His wheeping stopped as I turned him over, exposing a huge fleshwound all over his back. I tried to brush the blood away, he was filled with blood again. I tried to find the wounds and fill in the soft pads. I injected another adrenaline dose as his pulse became undetectable.

The man on the floor was coughing as the 2 pulled out another person, a lady. The man on the floor coughed more and I injected another Adrenaline dose. He tried to get on his knees. I supported him. He grabbed my Arm and nodded briefly. I let him go heading to the lady. She was not hurted- just diffused by this sudden event. The two man pulled out another person- as second lady. The first people came down the stairs. The blue lgiht started flashing. So the bomb was armed and the doors sealed off. The group of people split out witha person runing to the child. seeing its dead body lying on the cold concrete floor. He started reanimating and stopped as his eyes saw the adrenaline syringe. He yelled who gave him the adrenaline. I didn't answer. Again he nearly screamed who gave this boy the adrenaline. I kept quiet. I was not able to speak. I just killed a human- The blood rushed out even faster with the adrenalin and not checking his back. The self called doctor lost his patience and grabbed on of the 2 young men at the waterhole. Accusing them of being bgheaded no thinkers who are dumb as soldiers just listening to orders. the young man pushed him aside.
The mass of people dissappeared in the basement. I was still sitting next to the boy. The doctor didn't even see me. I wonder why this boy was hurted so badly. Until i realized it was his father being pinned down in the water beneath the metal fragment. I jumped inside the water. diving in the direction of the metal fragment. Seeing nothing beside red i eventually felt my hand getting slashed by the metal. I screamed but nothing came out- I lost my breath. Grabbing the metal piece with the other hand. It didn't move I got grabbed at my foot. Two hands grabbed me. The doctor was still sitting next to the boy. The two young man just pulled to the doc as I blacked out.

Concious again, I found myself on a bed with the TV running, hearing about the attack in our dome. There was another person appearantly sleeping next to me. I tried to listen to the Tv but i just couldn't focus. Screams again from the boy. I didn't know where it came from. I tried to get up buti just slipped and fell on the floor. The screaming got more intense with every second. What are they doing to the boy?
A hand grabbed me and asked me if I am ok. Didn't he hear the boy screaming? I asked him wether he does not hear the screaming? He asked me what screaming I meant. I realized i heard the voices of the dead boy.


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