Infestation 1

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Infestation 1

Post by Brachy UA FREAK » Sun Jul 27, 2014 12:41 pm

Just because we are a good source of food they do these things to us.

Back in the days when the Taerkastic fraternity controlled all of Africa we had a good life- or whats left of it. Our dome was one of the most advanced at this time. Being able to grow food. Real food. Not the curry like paste most had to eat when the first domes came up. Real food, golden wheat on the fields, mving with the wind, so oyu can see the waves of air passing over it. Even some lonely bees singing their song of work- collecting pollen and Nektar from plants. Green plants. Plants that produce air you can breath and condensate Water you can drink- if you want to lick it off the plants. Some young fellows did it, knowing mostly nothing about plants- living their lives pruely in these domes.

The domes in Europe built by the Resistance were tiny compared to ours. 20-50 times bigger than what the others built. Thanks to the Taerkasts, who are able to draw Energy from Stones. It still sounds weird everytime I write it down or say it. Yet it produces enough energy for this giant domes- some of them hundreds of square kilometeres big. Turns out our once so misscalled crazy and mad priests and scientists actually had a pretty good sniff on how this could work.
Life was fine as long as you didn't oppose the religious system and the authority of the high Priests- It's like living in freedom- on some days you can't even see the plasma walls- you can stand in middle of the field surrounded by fieldfruits and a group of Peach trees.

Than we heard about Alien acitvity in Africa. Mykonians down here- versus Taercastic forces? Impossible for them. Sulg-o-gars in Africa? There were too few powerstations making it day fights to completly drive them off.
Yet in the heartland they somehow managed to get a grip. It was said that a hoststation of the other factions helped them. Some say the Ghorkov infiltrating a few domes with their spies- hacking the codes of the transporter networkblocking off all entrances. The Queen eventually got perished by over overwhelming forces. Dozens of suspects have been executed who opposed the glass-man-decree. Some of the were spies of the Ghorkov, mostly Resistance hackers and spies. Yet noone had something to do with it. The Resistance planned it- but failed at executing it. They say the operational chairman commited suicide.

A few months after the first incident another occured. In our dome.
It started with a blackout shortly before sunrise. Humming noises filled the pitchblack night. Probably the Resistance stole some of our Bronsteijns. As the sirens began to rise everyone knew what to do. Arm the explosives, get into the basements and lock the door and wait in the enforced bunkers. The Explosives were meant to blow up anyone who was intending to clean out the bunkers with a building collapsing above him. Every citizen had to take several test runs. A single one lasted for several days. till every enemy has been killed by the Leonids Hetzels and Ostwinds. It was mostly a psychological training in how to keep calm, as only a handful of people armed the bombs and all the others rushed into the bunkers. Sitting playing and sleeping inside the graves of pure steel and concrete.

This times it didn't came so far.
As the humming stopped but the sirens still groaning a loud explosion shacked the building.
There was no siren groaning. People screamed as the building ached. The gronud beneath the feet tilted sidewards a bit- then stopped. Furniture fell around- some of it still standing in the palce where it was placed. As the screams became louder and louder people ran to the staircases- some over the emergency falls. Into the pitch black hole. The Darkness which was our only help.


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