Life within domes

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Life within domes

Post by Brachy UA FREAK » Wed Jul 23, 2014 2:09 pm

The soft, lushy green gras in which he lies is not real. Not in the term its not in this world, it is just not real in terms its not made by nature. The polymere once created by oil is just the only alternative that is left. Real grass won't grow under the domes. The bubble of energy under which they live filters too much radiation from the sun spectre. In other domes it is possible. In the newer class of domes, people can grow natural food. Juicy sweet red apples like in the times before the big mistake. Even the water itself is not natural- it was decided to add minerals to it to prevent malnutrition. The oxygen isn't produced by the green gras, how should plastic create oxygen? It is imported from the outside of the domes- cleaned and inhaled with the old 21 percent like in the times before the domes.
Even though life under the dome has its downsides, like having to wait for weeks to get into other domes, thes
e domes allow us to stay alive. It not much, but for most better than death. The void of nothingness it bears, the dark hole of bitter sweet emptiness. The suicidal rates have exploded compared to times before the dome. The generation that now grows old inside the domes had the highest. Completly unnatural life, dictated by machines- without passion. Yes, those machines makes everyday life easier as noone really wants to place a foot outside the domes. Either because you get a radiation poisoning or because you may contract Sulg-o-gar spores.

Life under the free sky- many dream it. The oldest people know how it felt- in their childhood the just ran around , had fun, learned nearly all day in schools- on how to tackle the so deeply screwed up world they lived in and will live in. On the edge of extinction, some genius invented the principle of the domes- huge walls of plasma to allow a life after a nuclear war. It was costly, very costly- the developement chewed up nearly all ressources- without plasma formation we would only have a few domes- probably 10-15 worldwide just because it is so energy intensive. Due to the high cost, noone wanted to be the first one who starts reasearching on the topic- nor dreaming of even building one. All the governments- or what was left of them, needed every single penny for not screwing over in a few years. Yet this fueled the ongoing ressource conflict even more, instead of just cooperating. The method sharing and caring was not known by anyone- or was not meant to be known by anyone. As the ressources got less the wars became more furious- resembling the cold war from the 20th century, with every nation fiddling with the affairs of the ressource rich countries. Until some douchebag came on the idea to just nuke one of the other countries with no ressources back into the stoneage. Back in these days it meant less competetion, so noone intervened. Until only a few countries were left. Mostly with ressources. Europe itself was the luckiest bastard of all. Getting just one atomic bomb over Vienna. Considering they blew up North Africa, Greenland, Iceland, Kongo, Canada and even the old Turkmenistan, which got Nuked so often that the country disappeared on the landmarks. Population zero. The first dead zone outside the oceans...
As the amount of nuklear missles became less- it was too exepensive to blow up entire nations just because you didn't want to have competition. Now the soldier wars became normal- Russia screwing over Finland- Europe screwing over Russia- China also screwing Russia with Europes help- USA invading the Arabic world. the South american Union screwing over the USA. And there was Japan, screwing itself in the bloodiest civil conflict- resembling Turkmenistan afterwards- without the radiation of course.
After years of wars- noone had the soldiers- nor the ressoruces or the nukes to continue fighting and the world became peaceful for a short moment.

Then out of nowwhere- someone developed plasma formation- solving the ressource deficit problem overnight. The wars, which dwelled below the surface, started once again. This time even screwing up the whole nature- Oceans getting anoxic- killing all the animals within. The animals on land were dead long before- Only the usual cattle, pig, chicken stuff was kept alive to feed future soldiers. Too all opulence, aliens came to visit us in an pretty unfriendly way. Mykonians, Sulg-o-gars and a for about 18 days a third race- loosing the fight against the Mykonians.

Life within the domes... Just crazy to think about how often we blew ourselves up instead of cooperating- getting those pesky Mykonians of our small blue marble with the help of the Sulg-o-gars and afterwards cleaning the Sulg-ogars of the Planet.

Yet the green, itchy grass is the best we have left. It like we learned nothing out of all. The Resistance calling themselves democratic blowing up everything with Rocksleds and further radiating the world with their Rhinos controlled by a "central" human computer.

At least we are winning the war...


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