"Field s Slang"

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"Field s Slang"

Post by fabriciovic2 » Sun Sep 09, 2012 3:31 pm

The Few military personal who survives the big mistake have a war to face the new enemies.
some intelligence people send a report to Resistance Host System....
[Incoming Message number 2345454334]
[From based "Ghost Operator"number 0654 located in West-Europe]
"Zulu Hour 25:40
"we have found the "Rave"sorrounding the Valley number 345,34 clicks distance...
several"no light account payment"activities occuring there,move troops carefully...
you have to send Lima Tango to surround the area and send Foxtrot massive attack to neutralize the"Nightclub"
Nightclub is selling Bad Vodka againist all terrain again..
be carefull..Drunken elders want to play Waltz and they are angry...
you wil need Hotel-Lima-Alfa-Diamond-Sunday-Monday-Tuesday.
[End of message]
The Champion inside his Host Station is thinking"What the hell they are talking about"???"Looks a guy writing in bad english"....

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