Known bugs of UA

For those of us who are curious and like to poke around in the game's data files and scripts as well as glitching. Caters to anything from unit/building stats to level data to telling how to glitch and stories of game errors.
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Known bugs of UA

Post by Ormu » Thu Jun 20, 2019 4:45 pm

Let's collect known bugs of UA into this thread. Many players encounter these problems but the existing information is scattered around and hard to find.

I don't know all details, and I may forget something, so contributions are very welcome!

When we have enough information, it should be put into the wiki as well.

This thread is not about:
  • Crashes or other problems that are caused when a technical limit (set on purpose, or caused by the maximum/minimum values of a data type) is deliberately exceeded when creating game content. See this thread about such limits.
  • Limitations related to the design of algorithms or routines, such as:
    • General poor behavior of units, such as helicopters, which is not caused by a specific programming flaw
    • General multiplayer issues such as flying/gliding units or invisible units, unless there is a specific programming flaw that causes such behavior.
  • Game glitches caused by "unexpected" acts of the player, such as the "F6 jump gun trick" or the ability to control multiple vehicles at once. These are now included in this thread.
  • Most compatibility problems related to modern systems. See this wiki article about compatibility problems.
Problems caused by malformed game content, on the other hand, should be included in this thread as long as such content is a part of the original game, the official demo or the Metropolis Dawn expansion.

The helicopter bug

Helicopters do not obey orders and are unable to move in directions other than up. This is a very well known problem. It's caused by a threshold check in the code that handles helicopter movement. On modern computers, the game runs fast and the threshold condition is never fulfilled, resulting in incorrect behavior.

This was conclusively confirmed and fixed by Zidane. See this thread:

See this wiki article too:

Units get added into wrong squad

Sometimes, when you create a squad of new units, the first unit forms a new squad, but the rest are added into another squad. After occurring once, this problem repeats itself. It can be resolved by destroying your existing units.

Last two tips missing from level selection screen

The last two of the tips that are shown in the level selection screen are never shown by the game. The tips are:
Tip: Press the Backspace key to jump back into the last vehicle you occupied.
Press F8 to jump into the vehicle that last sent you a message (denoted by a blinking 'i').

Tip: When joining your squads in battle, try to jump into units just before they enter
battle rather than after it has begun. This will give you the best field orientation and edge in any battle.
This bug has been fixed in UA Source.
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