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Sector Border Weapon Radius Glitch

Posted: Wed Jun 05, 2019 7:00 pm
by CharlotteLabyrinth
I know this topic has been discussed extensively in UA:Source thread before, and I'm confident it will be certainly complicated, but would it be possible to debug this inherent bug in the game someday…?

Re: Sector Border Weapon Radius Glitch

Posted: Sat Jun 08, 2019 1:33 pm
by GoldStar611
Hi Charlotte,

Are you referring specifically to when something like a turret cannot set the correct angle to fire at you?

I set up the anarchy repo on my personal git server some time ago,

If you can find the bug in that code then I can most lieky reduce the location of the bug in UA.EXE (or you may also be able to do the same) The MSVC 6.0 compiler pretty much compiled source files from top to bottom. I usually search for string references or magic numbers.

Re: Sector Border Weapon Radius Glitch

Posted: Tue Jul 30, 2019 5:30 pm
by CharlotteLabyrinth
I am terribly sorry about the delayed reply GoldStar -- been inconviniently busy with my academic works as usual, so haven't followed what's going on here. Hopefully 2020 will be easier on me. ;)

That angle calculation bug with flak turrets is definitely a topic of interest (if I remember correctly, it was caused by a cyclometric math failure in the original source code?) as well, but the bug I'm describing in this thread is the other one. Guess I should've added more details about it in the main post earlier. This particular bug from the original game still persists in the latest version of UA:Source.

(By the way, that 'anarchy' repository is marvellous! It will be immensely helpful for me later, thanks! :) )

To summarise:

Basically, when any weapon passes through sector borders its hit registration against any types of targets situated at the other side of the sector border will be nullified, which results in a weapon clipping through their targets without inflicting any damage.

You may have noticed that when you position your vehicle at the edge of a sector border (but still staying at the other side of the sector) then incoming enemy fire will simply pass through your vehicle as if they were from your friendlies, this is it.

Perhaps it is most prominent when players are attacking AI host stations. AI host stations always prefer to position themselves at the sector borders; probably a design decision from the developers to minimise collisions against power station structures.

As a result, when attacked from certain angles, weapons will simply clip through their collision models (Rhino sniping anyone? :P ) without inflicting any damage. This is especially a serious problem with AI targeting host stations' turrets instead their mainframe.

Because each host station turret is recognised as valid targets by AI targeting system, and therefore AI units
will frequently lock their weapons at the individual turrets instead aiming for the host station centre.

However, when AI is directly assaulting target host stations with numerous units set at aggression level 2,
this is not a problem because they will actually have the target mark set over the main host station so won't be distracted by attacking turrets instead.

Debugging this glitch would be quite complicated seeing how damage distributions on sectors are calculated at various parts of the base game algorithm. :arrow:

Now for a bit off-topic material... but essential to avoid potential misunderstandings. I must confirm that
yet another 'bug' where missile type weapons are orbiting around Ghorkov player Skorpio's frontal turrets
in Metropolis Dawn expansion (which many people may or may not have noticed during their gameplay) is
simply due to an increased distance between the main collision hitbox of the player's new Skorpio and
frontal turrets' coordinates in MD. :?

In this new version of Skorpio, the frontal turrets are actually positioned at the outside of Skorpio's hitbox model; and I've also confirmed that for some reason, Skorpio's turrets do not have a set 'radius' value in the script so the game applies base value which must be quite small and may contribute to this issue.

Because of this, the guided weapons will tend to orbit around turrets until they get expired without causing any damage, givent hat AI units lock-on their weapons at individual turrets instead the Skorpio's mainframe (which is quite common as I stated).

This is more likely an oversight from the developers than anything else.