[Released] Unofficial Patch 1.6 for Multiplayer

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[Released] Unofficial Patch 1.6 for Multiplayer

Post by Leather Jacket » Sat Feb 01, 2020 4:32 am

Unofficial Urban Assault Multiplayer Patch 1.6.0
By Leather Jacket and Fleurenz^Schweiz

The idea of making a new patch for multiplayer balance came during late 2018 while i was talking with MarioSDUX about what should we do next. He went inactive afterwards so the idea of a new patch got partially scraped, mostly because the Discord community was not that interested in multiplayer anymore
As time passes, pcsx gave me a small idea of which changes are required in order to improve the overall experience without doing any rebalance or mayor change for now.

Sometime after that chat session with him I opened up a thread requesting opinions about which version of the game should be used for Multiplayer Games until 1.6's release. Vanilla had the edge for most part, however since only a few matches happened during that time lapse most of them sticked with the now obsolete 1.05.09 Patch.
As time went on pcsx got banned from the Discord Server, so i temporarily halted 1.6 development, focusing on my Architecture Career for a while. During late 2019 i resumed work on this patch with Fleurenz^Schweiz as my right hand, and after a while we finally decided to make a public thread regarding this topic on the forums.

Before making a public release of the patch itself, here's a list of the changelog so far. We really need your feedback regarding major or minor changes that you may think we should work at. While balancing is not the main focus of this patch (1.7 will focus balance issues) some slight map-fixes may be required in order to make them fair for all the players.

Please feel free to share your thoughts, ideas, comments, etc. You'll help to improve the overall UA Multiplayer experience. Beta testing probably won't be required since this patch does not mess up with unit balance nor heavily edits existing maps.

*11/02/20 Update: Patch Officially Released, Please Carefully check both Readme and Changelog:
https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/bvm ... 6.zip?dl=0

Information and Changelog:
- Pure vanilla data + MD contents included, just like 1.05.09.
- Obsolete Script-Based helipatch replaced with Exe-Based Patch (Thanks to Zidane!)
- Patch version is now displayed in the Game Menu. (Check It to see if the patch got installed properly!)
- No-Flash Fix for Software Mode included as an optional feature inside the package.
*Please Notice that if a player doesn't have the Fix installed the Game may display a "Different Game Files" Error, however players will be able to start the game normally and it won't cause any issues at all.

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