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[2018] NEW Multiplayer Gameranger Thread

Posted: Fri Mar 23, 2018 7:24 pm
by Leather Jacket
Hello, Lloyd here! I've discussed with pcsx about the need for an updated thread about timezones and game versions for matchmaking.

First of all, we need to discuss which version should we use for multiplayer games until 1.6 patch gets released:
The candidates are these two:

1.Vanilla seems like a good choice if we want everybody to have the same files with no different files errors happening, with the balance (and unbalance) that this implies, plus the lack of MD maps or vehicles. The most important reason to use Vanilla over 1.05.09 (23/03/18) is having the original helicopter balance, unlike the patch that has the outdated and unnecessary heli patch that, with the Source fix available thanks to Zidane plus modern OS, is no longer required to make helicopters work properly.

2. 1.05.09 patch on the other hand has been arround for a while now and if offers the whole Vanilla + MD experience while helping to balance out imbalances of the Vanilla version. The downside is the presence of the outdated heli patch, that halves some helicopter functions, plus the common problems of different files due to either bad installation of the patch, modified files to cheat (which thankfully doesn't happen nowadays), or the presence of the Host Beam Fix for Software mode, that also drops different files error. 1.05.09 also lacks Zidane's Source Fix, which is a problem.

There's also a third solution for this problem, which is doing a small tweak to 1.05.09 called 1.05.10 that removes heli patch entirely, using vanilla helicopter balance, plus both Host Beam Fix and Zidane Source Fix (if the latter doesn't fix the former, if it does, then only Zidane's fix is required).

As we all now, 2.0 fan patch is full of GO AMOK changes so we strongly encourage to remove this patch full of arbitrary changes from your hard drive, downloaded files and anything related to it. If you're going to play Multiplayer use 1.05.09 or Vanilla instead. This patch is no longer supported by anyone (not even MarioSDUX himself).

I would like everybody who wants to play multiplayer to discuss about this in this thread to have a quick answer about which version we should use.

Last but not least, leave your timezone in this thread to coordinate better our multiplayer games.
To contact players we encourage to use our discord channel:


LloydJara (Chile - during Summer)

LloydJara (Chile - during Winter)

Re: [2018] NEW Multiplayer Gameranger Thread

Posted: Wed Apr 11, 2018 3:11 am
by GoldStar611
Hi Lloyd,

Thanks for adding this thread to the forum (I saw the conversations on discord some weeks ago when I was active last).

Here's my thoughts:

Vanilla is *great* because it requires the least amount of changes (in theory) for everyone -- especially new players of UA.

Vanilla is *great* because every one has their own opinion of how each unit should behave so it should be perfectly reasonable to let the developers have the final opinion.

I remember one of the first multiplayers games I played, I was accused of cheating because I had a Zepplin that was a fast as a speedy. It was hard to accept because I wasnt cheating; I had installed a mod and I didnt know which one or how to "undo" it.

(I still have this weirdly awesome idea of having GIT manage the various patches and instantly being able to switch between them and update them from github/gitlab)

Re: [2018] NEW Multiplayer Gameranger Thread

Posted: Thu Apr 12, 2018 3:49 am
by Leather Jacket
Yeah Vanilla is indeed a top choice, yet thanks to unbalance of some maps it turns out the result of some games are decided when you choose the map (Gotta mention Salivation here). However as i said on Discord, i'm planning on doing the 1.05.10 "fix" patch thing to remove heli patch and adding Zidane's .exe fix, while also keeping 1.05.09 re-balance (as well as keeping units theorically the same).

This will be done as soon as i have some spare time to dedicate to UA during univeristy.
If someone is willing to do it in a shorter time period, i'll for sure guide that person about what we HAVE to do about the fix, but to be honest, i'd rather make it myself (or Mario).

Re: [2018] NEW Multiplayer Gameranger Thread

Posted: Fri Apr 13, 2018 1:56 pm
by GoldStar611
You know, another alternative is to create "version2" levels and keep the original levels without direct modification. Then you have more choice and more compatibility with players

Re: [2018] NEW Multiplayer Gameranger Thread

Posted: Fri Apr 20, 2018 6:51 pm
by Ormu
There's a limit for the number of levels in the level directories (127+127??) so having version 2's of everything may not be possible. I don't remember the exact numbers but Mario probably does.

Using Git to manage different versions of content sounds like an ingenious idea. It may just be too technical for some people...