Hosting games on Saturday

For those looking for a more casual game, or wanting to chat after a game.
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Re: Hosting games on Saturday

Post by MarioSDU6/SDU7 » Mon Apr 15, 2013 5:54 am

OMNIDUTCH wrote:I never played this game on Multiplayer mainly because i could never connect to anyone lol. HEY can someone make a coop campaign? IMAGINE? 2 of same faction host stations working together? EPIC
Impossible, we already tried it, and it could be possible only on a remake, but we could make it much like on Age of Empires II. Also, to play on Multiplayer, install Gameranger, and voila! But Hamachi is not as reliable as Gameranger does. You gotta search me (MarioSDUX or AoEGuerrero) and Doomfrost, but he hasn't responded me lately.
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