In the name of game.

Do you have any feedback for us? Are you looking for a file that you think we should post? Please don't hesitate to tell us about it!
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In the name of game.

Post by Grim0x » Sat Apr 12, 2014 11:00 pm

Hello my friends.

Firstly - peace and agape to all members. Long live our little tribe.
I like the new website. (it is new) I think this place can really become our hub of common love for UA, (but not only, how about other aspects of our lives? :)

I'm sure we have some VERY interesting individuals making up the core membership of UA. This place has stuck somehow with this here web-wanderer..

Anyway Here's my Idea, in a summary:

Could we work on 2 things towards the goal of having (weekly) recorded games on our little forum [files hosted remotely - dont worry goldStar :) ]

I think this concept could have us all hanging out here more often.

1.Just recording single/multi-player action and posting up the youtube links in a SINGLE THREAD
mariosdu used to do this! I will join him early this week.

2. An engine that records UA in-game action. (as a normal ghost player) - ie, in multiplayer games. (this would be a programming proj.)

All this could be put into a single thread - consider it the place for weekly UA theatre.

I dont mean to be having any big ideas >.>. I'd just like to get the whole gang hanging out here more so we can get the games going on GR or wherever.

Someone tell me what you think.

Love and Care.
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Re: In the name of game.

Post by speedep » Thu May 08, 2014 3:03 am

Awe man, its sad no one replied to this! I'm totally new here but I have some understanding of programming and it would be crazy cool to look at the code and play around with it. Also on another note, your ideas some really good to me! lol

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Re: In the name of game.

Post by fabriciovic2 » Sat Jan 10, 2015 12:00 am

ok my friend from"jahmekia",redemption!repatriation!jah rastafarahh(sorry about this joke)
the fact that UA community is alive and well can send a clear message that this game is one of the most loved ones,cause real time strategy,action movies and science fiction merged in one old game brings attention from new gamers,and the internet multiplayer gave a new breath to this not so abandoned game...
people that likes game programming,changing original aspects in the gameplay,UA is very actractive...
for those war porn heads,or people who like war movies,or have interests about military vehicles around the world,different weapons or simply FPS gamers,will like this game...
UA is a classic and sounds like 80s science fiction during a cold war like situation....could be a 80s sci fi movie....but not directed by "stevo spielbo",but sly balboa...or Arnold scwartzkopfff..schwartzkorpps...or shcwartzschennanningans...
simply we dont have tanks,spaceships,we cant ride tanks and helis, and,lets go to simulation...if we play ua in real life we gonna destroy entire cities and die,fast or painful inside a tank or a heli....
and no more horses,no more horsing around....
man,this game is helping me in training real select people with mouse and point them to several areas in the map...
if some people like rednecks,gun porn,that shots old tv sets with a thompson,or a uzi or a M4,or a M60,like machine gun sounds,kill your little friends in the school sometimes,you will love this game :o stateovshock
why tarantull I sounds like that???? i prefer Hetzel Pretzel sound.....
But,serious now,i try to record my demo experiments,because i dont have time to make my entire mod from full UA..i play FUA sometimes but i like other people modding versions..MAYBE i can post on youtube,like Mario,mi hermano from Panamá did that....and the guy that talks about horses during ua gameplay too...
man i saw a fight againist black sect and i start to think"so strange fight againist my own vehicles,black sect is dark,their home(sibuna)is dark,how people can live there?,i aim in a falcon and i ask myself,its mine or their falcons,pretty odd,their station sounds odd that..goooooooon noise...they could be more creative and make theire own stuff..
i dont will recommend people to smoke sulgogars cigars because you know.....
so this is all my dedicated message to realy like to play this game.and specially modding it,.and have years now....and still a fan

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Re: In the name of game.

Post by String_Relativity » Wed May 08, 2019 4:31 am

The op sounds like a great idea. I will have to try fraps later on as my Win+ALT+R Windows recording won't record Urban Assault for some reason...
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Re: In the name of game.

Post by deetex » Wed Jan 08, 2020 9:35 am

OBS records it just fine.

But to the OP, let's see if I understood this right, you're pitching a SHadowplay, with elements of Turnbased combat?
It's not dissimular to how LaserSquadNemesis used to work back in the early days of free Email services, but I do not think the engine allows for that.

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