A few questions from a long time UA fan

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A few questions from a long time UA fan

Post by EFH » Mon Aug 27, 2018 12:40 pm

Hello everyone,

I have been a UA for since the early 2000s really and every few years I get around to do another play through :) After so many play throughs I have been wondering about thins I could potentially improve, and maybe one day have a go on more difficult, mod campaigns, but to do that I would like to maybe sharpen my skills a bit further, so I was hoping you guys might have some suggestions on a few topics.

1 - In some missions you can choose between two beam gates. Is there any difference between whichever you choose to beam out of? I am asking because it was mentioned in a YouTube UA gameplay video that certain beam gates unlock extra levels.

2 - For every host station you kill, you get 100 increased energy to beam your units to the next level. I know that for host stations that are killed by other factions or a Stoudson bomb, you don't get any beam gate bonus. Now, does the same rule apply if an AI unit of my faction kills the host station? Should I kill a host station personally to get the beam gate bonus or will the AI unit also do?

3 - One of my favorite tactics apart from the Super Sneaky Backstabbing Technique is to use Rhinos as snipers. When firing a shot with the Tab key, it toggles the missile camera. However, if I miss the target I have to wait until the missile hits something or falls to the ground, completely crippling my situational awareness. Is there any way to just 'cancel' the missile view and get back to controlling the Rhino while the missile is still on its way?

4 - The enemy host station always prioritizes firing at the human controlled units. However, sometimes if I am comfortable enough in a level, I send a swarm of 100 Falcons to attack the enemy host station, and sometimes I notice that the enemy host station becomes overwhelmed and fires at other targets instead of just me. Does anyone know any effective tactics to distract an enemy host station so that a human controlled unit can have some undisturbed time to soften it up?

5 - To conquer more sectors in order to maximize my power station's output, I usually fly a squad of fireflies in a north/south or east/west line shooting at the ground. I found it to be the best way so far but since its shots are very weak, sometimes in a sector or another I need dozens of hits to conquer them. Does anyone think there is a better, faster and more reliable way of conquering sectors?

6 - When an enemy is surrounded by flak stations, what is your preferred way of clearing them up? Usually I send a squad of Falcons and fly each unit head on per turret to kill it, but it usually costs me a whole squad off Falcons to kill one 4-turrent flak station.

7 - Is there any way to automatically create units within an existing squadron instead of creating then units them dragging them to another squad via the squadron manager?

8 - Is there any way to run the game at 16:9 Full-HD resolution?

9 - I run the game in Win7, and I might upgrade my computer entirely, including Windows. Do you guys experience many problems to run it in Win10?

10 - In the game's story, does anyone know if when a unit is created through energy formation, a human pilot is placed inside it, or all units are simply computer controlled drones?

Thanks! :D

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Re: A few questions from a long time UA fan

Post by Ormu » Mon Aug 27, 2018 4:03 pm

Welcome to the forums.

1) Two Hills is the only level where the chosen beam gate matters. You should always choose the eastern gate because it leads to Assi's Way which can't be unlocked otherwise. Of course you can get back to the level later if you chose the wrong gate. Some of the later levels have two beam gates as well, but all of them lead to the same level.

2) Yes, you get the 100 beam energy increase if the enemy host station is destroyed by an AI unit of yours.

3) No, you can't exit the camera mode.

4) It prioritizes when it's choosing a target. If it has already chosen a target, it won't change it until the target is destroyed or gets out of range.

5) This is a matter of preference. Any fast unit should be pretty good.

6) Bronsteijn is very effective against all flaks if you pilot it yourself. Warhammer is pretty good too. Dragonfly works quite well due to its armor. Rhino sniping works well but takes time. Rock Sled can clear a complete sector of flaks at once. But none of these work well when controlled by the AI.

7) Yes, choose a squad and press the "add" key, A by default.

8) There's a high resolution patch:

Or you can use UA_source:

9) I'm not sure, but some people have reported problems such as crashing with Windows 10. UA_source doesn't have these problems.

10) It's implied that they are drones although pilots are sometimes mentioned in the story. It's not always clear if other factions' vehicles are piloted by humans or aliens. Sulgogars' units are living organisms so they don't obviously contain additional pilots.
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Re: A few questions from a long time UA fan

Post by CharlotteLabyrinth » Sun Sep 30, 2018 6:20 pm

Hello EFH. :) Ormu already provided all the answers concisely, but I'd like to add a very late reply for this question:
EFH wrote:
Mon Aug 27, 2018 12:40 pm
10 - In the game's story, does anyone know if when a unit is created through energy formation, a human pilot is placed inside it, or all units are simply computer controlled drones?

All units are simply computer-controlled drones. Please refer the official game help files and Pedestal Mountain mission briefing. The pilots are mentioned in the storyline because without the host station battle network systems, all military drones present in the battlefield should be directly remote-controlled by individual personnel situated at the underground bunkers. This section of lore has been covered in the earlier chapters of 'Urban Assault Inside Moves' - the one and only official UA guidebook ever published containing the authentic background information about UA universe that were never explained.

It is also possible however, that these pilots are simply mentioned in the storyline because many UA units design and development histories predate the completion of plasma formation technology, lore-wise. But regardless, the units you actually see in the game are all automated AI drones; not including the Mykonian units which are ambiguous, and the Sulgogars units which are technically sentient and alive.

Most importantly, I believe no human presence can be ever safely placed inside any conditions of dense plasma formations without getting disintegrated in a split second. :D
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