Hidden features and tricks of UA (screenshots, replays and more)

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Hidden features and tricks of UA (screenshots, replays and more)

Post by Ormu » Mon Aug 07, 2017 8:58 pm

This thread serves as a collection of the hidden/unknown features of the game.

Credits screen
Credits for information: Urban Assault developers

To display a credits screen, hold right mouse button in the main menu and type "amok" (without quotes). A sound is played and a screen showing a message from the developers appears.
*missing screenshot*

see: viewtopic.php?f=13&t=1582

UA contains an internal screenshot recorder. To enable screenshot keys and possible other extra keys, open world.ini (located in /data/ or in the active env directory if ua_xp is used with custom env path, or even in the active data directory - I don't know the search order of this file). Find the begin_misc section, usually located in the beginning of the file, and put this line under that section:

Code: Select all

easy_cheat_keys = 1
A directory named "snaps" must be present in the active env directory to take screenshots. The official Ghorkov and Taerkasten expansions have this option enabled by default.

To take a screenshot, press * on the numpad.
To start recording a sequence of screenshots, press / on the numpad. This may work faster in software rendering mode.

The screenshots are saved in PPM format if hardware rendering is used and in PCX format if software rendering is used. XnView can open and convert both formats.

Note that the screenshots should be moved out of the snaps directory before restarting UA, because the screenshot counter seems to reset when UA is closed. This causes the old screenshots to get overwritten.

Recording replays
Credits for information: Zidane
first post about replays: viewtopic.php?f=13&p=16718#p16717
how to play them: viewtopic.php?f=13&t=1577&p=16762#p16762

To start and stop recording a replay, hold down right mouse button and press the minus key (-)

Replays are saved into /env/snaps/. Make sure that this folder exists when you want to record replays. The file name is m****.raw. Sometimes these files are saved when taking screenshots. It's not known (fixme!) why.

To play a replay file, rename it to demo****.raw, start the game and wait 200 seconds. It should start automatically.
Zidane wrote:Rename your m****.raw into demo***.raw and wait 200 sec on title screen.

Space/Escape - exit
UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT/A/Z and mouse(after right click) for camera manipulations.
Right mouse button + F9 - additional info
S - pause
P - resume play
R - go to first frame
b/n -/+ 1 frame
v/m -/+ 10 frames

Yeah, UA has demo player

Vehicle spectator mode
Credits for information: Zidane
see: viewtopic.php?p=17983#p17986

You can jump into an enemy vehicle as a spectator:

1) Make sure that F7 is not assigned to any action. If it is assigned, select it in the input settings menu and press Delete to remove its assignment.
2) Jump into any vehicle, right click to enable mouse control, then right click again and keep holding the right mouse button
3) Press the "Jump into vehicle" key (J by default) while still holding the right mouse button
4) Press and hold F7. Now holding F7 and right mouse button, double click (left click) on any enemy vehicle on the screen. You should now be sitting in the vehicle as a spectator.

Note that jumping into an enemy host station may cause the game to crash.

Debug and demo levels
see this, for example: viewtopic.php?f=23&t=201

Make backup(s) of your save(s) before doing this. Entering these levels might change your saved game state.

There are two extra levels included in the game. To access them, go to the save folder and choose a save you want to edit.

Inside that save folder, open the file named user.txt and find the sections that start with "begin_levelstatus 98" and "begin_levelstatus 99". Change the status of these levels to 2.

Start the game and load that particular save. Two extra levels should appear in the top left corner.

The demo level resembles Hyde Park and First Blood (the 3rd level in the UA demo) but you have much more energy. The debug level resembles Sturmfront (the last level of UA demo) to some extent, and it was probably created for vehicle testing purposes. You can use other factions' vehicles there, as well as a super secret edition of Jaguar.

Not working: The SWEAPON cheat
Credits for true information: Zidane

Some old cheat sites claim that you can get a "new vehicle with a secret weapon" by holding Shift and typing SWEAPON. This does not work and such a cheat does not exist in the game. The origin of this rumor is not known but it may be related to some other game.

Glitches and trickery

These tricks were probably not intended by the developers. Using them may cause undesired behavior or a crash.

Spawn vehicles while in the missile cam
see: viewtopic.php?f=23&t=1791

1) Jump into a host station turret
2) Open the vehicle creation menu
3) Press the missile cam key (Tab by default)
4) Click anywhere to drop vehicles from the flying projectile

Jump into another host station ("The F6 trick")
add a link here!

When your host station is about to get destroyed, hold the "Jump into gun turrets" key (F6 by default). When your host station dies, you may get transfered into an enemy host station and you can continue the mission.

Control multiple vehicles simultaneously
see: viewtopic.php?f=23&t=250

Note that this may cause the game to crash.

1) Activate the "Jump into vehicle" button
2) Press the missile cam key (default: Tab)
3) While flying, quickly click on another unit to control it
When the projectile dies, you have two vehicles under your control.
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