The Hetzel

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Re: The Hetzel

Post by garry's waffle » Sat Aug 07, 2010 5:55 pm

Slime Lord have 1.5 multiplied dmg to tanks.

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Re: The Hetzel

Post by Yakamaru » Fri Dec 11, 2015 10:59 pm

Nothing But Leonids wrote:My favorite plane is the Hetzel, its fast-reload projectiles tear through all units, including host stations.
Has anyone besides me see a machine gun turret on them but they cannot fire a machine gun?

Let us do a comparison.

Myko - X01 Quad / Ghor - Gigant / Taer - Hetzel


My vote goes to Hetzel, high armor allows it to keep firing longer. It is easier to manuever than the X01 Quad and Gigant and it can easily fire on ground units(it doesnt have to be at "eye" level with their target).

Sorry, I do not have the stats for them. I could go into the game and get it but right now I am too lazy. :P
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Re: The Hetzel

Post by Reverie » Thu Aug 18, 2016 2:53 am

I think, Gigant is better than Hetzel. However, Gigant cant move here and there like Hetzel, but Gigant have 310 attacking power where Hetzel has only 80 or 90. And they both have approx. same reloading time. Just take your speedy (if you are ghorkov) to the enemey base, conquer there power station quickly, after conquering, you have a little time because then enemy again wants to conquer their own power station. Quickly, beam your host station to their power station and create Gigant. Wait, till the Gigants are not created. When they are created, then beam your hist station to your power station. Now, with Gigant, you can easily destroy all of the enemy's power station. With some strategy, you can destroy enemy host station with some Gigants only. Same goes for Hetzels, but more Hetzels are required. Like 5 Gigants = 20 Hetzels I think? But yeah, Gigants are costly and have less armor than Hetzels, I guess. Because Hetzel is a Taer unit.

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