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Best strategy to destroy Taerkestan host station in intense mod

Posted: Wed Aug 31, 2016 3:59 pm
by Reverie
If you play as Ghorkov, then just create 100 Speedys (I create 200 Speedys but that will be more more more than enough). First, if there are really crowds, like so many Lenoids tanks, Hetzels and all. Just clear them out. You need a direct way to go to Taerkestan station without much disturbance from its unit. And give your 100 or 200 (your wish) Speedys order of 'Direcrly proceed to the target' and set it to Taerkestan station. Even having much armor in Intense mod. Those powreful unity in Speedy tanks destroy the Taerkestan station in 5 seconds. I destroyed 4 Taerkestan stations with just around 150 Speedys. :D

Re: Best strategy to destroy Taerkestan host station in intense mod

Posted: Thu Sep 01, 2016 7:45 pm
by CuSToM_94
I'd say, Gigants are more efficient, but clear the way for them and distract any defenses with a simple scout :D .. it works in Mykonian Invasion Division with Quaddas, I see no reason for it to not work with Gigants .. Tekhs can be better too, since they have better armor and weapon .. although , a bit slow and more expensive, but you'll not need 150 tekhs :D

Some other strategies can be done too. Like forcing the HS to move and take it out on it's way to another Power Station. Or keep destroying its power station and defenses to drain it's energy by forcing it to make more units and defenses then take it down with minimal effort ..

Yangs can do a lot of damage and take out numbers of slow ground units in a breeze :D