Remake of UA2 in Source Engine?

Urban Assault is an old game and its rare blend of FPS and RTS deserves to be seen again. For those of you who want to start/coordinate projects to make an Urban Assault 2, this is a dedicated forum for you!
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Bugged Ostwind?
Bugged Ostwind?
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Re: Remake of UA2 in Source Engine?

Post by MarcOlle » Thu Feb 23, 2012 10:11 pm

I beleive now that this engine is the best one... but we need to wait a little, because it will just be the best to remake UA if the Dota 2 became a complete game, and not a beta... because the idea of the Dota2 is a RTS Action and UA is that, but with FPS units...

So you take the Dota2 base and create the game with the mod to turn it a FPS...
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Re: Remake of UA2 in Source Engine?

Post by Brachy UA FREAK » Sat Sep 22, 2012 5:59 pm

Hmm there is already a RTS with the soruce engine it called "Half life 2 wars".

I'm actually quite sure that UA would be possible in source engine, as I have mapped for it.
I don't see any real problems beside the map ; as you have/can interact with it but I'm sure it is possible ot navigate oni t.

And we don't have to create that much scripting stuff.
A lot of stuff is already available without scripting; however it will be mostly a human vs human as the AI is difficult to design I think.

If anyone here is comftable with the engine and the thing of mapping:

Models can be the buildings. They don't have to be highly detailed.
Max view can also be easily ranged via the fog tool.

Asking around a bit in the dev scene if this would be possible.


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