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Which game is better? Mafia 2 or Godfather 2?

Posted: Mon Sep 05, 2016 3:28 am
by Reverie
Ahhh, another game comparison. I really love open-world games a lot. But due to my poor 2 GB GeForce GT610 graphic card, I can't play much :( . GTA 4 & 5 both lags. Watch Dogs & Just Cause 3 even can't run in my pc. Just Cause 2 lags (actually these games dont lag when I lower the graphic setting but this will reduce the graphic quality, texture details, shadows and all). Same goes for Sleeping Dogs. Lags in maximum graphics, so I lower it. Now, I just love this game. I don't like Saints Row and games like this because it have all those aliens and science fictions which looks, ahhh, not great for me. If anybody knows more games like GTA, (in which we have a city, and we roam here and there, and go for missions and all), then please tell them to me.

Regarding Mafia 2 & Godfather 2, Mafia's graphics looks better imo (in my opinion). I saw in YouTube. But somewhere, I heard that godfather 2 is better? I even don't like the running of main character in Godfather 2. He runs like Tommy Vercetti in GTA Vice City. And, Mafia 1 and Godfather 1 don't have good graphics, because they are old games. So, which is the best game then?