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UA Timeline

Posted: Mon Jul 04, 2011 11:02 am
by Edward Fox
So, here is my take on the timeline of "Urban Assault". I wanted to try to tie the events mentioned in the game lore (in BOLD) to those in the real world.

Note that for this timeline I am using the date of SDU6’s death in 2071 as an anchor and am ignoring the earlier SDU deaths (otherwise SDU2 is supposed to die in less than three years in 2014 and there is quite a gap between SDU deaths). Otherwise I am trying to keep the timeline both as realistic and loyal to the game as possible.


2028 – The Big Mistake becomes a global catastrophe as global food webs begin to fall apart.

2029 - Coastal areas which rely on fishing are devastated. Effects of worldwide radiation expose become apparent. Many governments fall apart. Resource wars begin to breakout.

2030 - The Anzukus group, The United States, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand as well as segments of NATO states form a weak confederacy known as “The Resistance”.

2031 - Global population estimated to be five billion.

2032 - communist visuals and ideals such as shared sacrifice. The Resistance enters a shaky relationship with this new union.

2034 - FOOD WARS break out across Eurasia where much of the remaining population is located. Tekh Track is developed. Ghorkov faction comes into being.

2035 - Global population estimated to be three billion or less. PLASMA TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPED.

2037 - Those remaining in Europe split into rival factions. A new cultic reverence brought on by the Big Mistake leads to the establishment of the Taerkasts. They move into Southern Europe and the African Continent, now almost devoid of life. Others join the Ghorkovs. Others join the faltering Resisiance. THE MYKONIAN INVASION BEGINS.

2039 - The Resistance takes its final shape. In order to foster unity and avoid alienating the remaining human populations not aligned with other factions the United States government, the last remaining pre-Big Mistake government dissolves itself. The Resistance Proper is established.

2040 - The Resistance war network is linked together in order to fight the Mykonians. The first three SDU champions are chosen. All are Resistance elites.

2042 - SDU1 DEFECTS. Stoudson bomb trigger codes are released. SDU2 become the next champion.

2045 - Global population estimated to be at 1 billion.

2047 - SDU2 is killed. The next set of three champions are chosen. THE RESISTANCE BETRAYS THE GHORKOVS.

2049 - The Taerkasts officially come into existence.

2050 - SDU3 is killed. The Black Sect decides that it is time to reassert itself. The Terran factions begin to fight not only the Mykonians but also each other. This allows the Mykonians to become even more entrenched.


2055 - For whatever reason the Mykonian invasion which has been going rather slowly for some time enters “phase two” and becomes much more intense.


2060 - SDU4 is killed. The Resistance decides that for their seventh champion they will select someone different; a youth, unique and distinctly in touch with systems related to their war systems.

2062 - Secret training equipment installed in interactive arcade games in Resistance Energy domes.

2063 - SDU5 is killed.


2071 - SDU6 IS KILLED.

2072 - All Resistance war systems are irrevocably connected. SDU7, the final champion is integrated into the resistance war machine. SULGOGAR INVASION BEGINS.

2075 - The Parasite is destroyed.

2076 - The Resistance ends its reliance on synaptic donor units.

2079 - Second Parasite destroyed.

2081 - The Resistance and the Taerkasts form a peace agreement. (Truzen and SDU7).

2087 - SDU7 steps down from command of Resistance forces.

2088 - Sulgogar invasion thwarted.

2090 - The Resistance, Taerkasts and Ghorkovs form a peace agreement. (Truzen, SDU7 and Conrade.)

2136 - All remaining Mykonian forces defeated.

Re: UA Timeline

Posted: Mon Jul 04, 2011 1:28 pm
by Bronsteijn24K
cool, but i think you should stick with the timeframe of the actually mission briefings because, SDU6 probably didnt die in 2071.

Quote by leftylink:
SDU 1: Defected to Black Sect at Maze Wayz, date unknown (Was a female!)
SDU 2: Killed at Great Confusion, (restored) 3/17/2014
SDU 3: Killed at Hurz, date unknown
SDU 4: Killed at Hurz, (restored) 3/19/2015 - also managed to activate Stoudson Bomb at Hamburger Hill
SDU 5: Killed ("lost contact") at Taerkastik, (restored) 7/15/2016
SDU 6: Killed by Ghorkovs at Moonlight City, 3/17/2071 (Wow, how did he die so much later than SDU 5?)
SDU 7: The player!
Now have you noticed that most SDU have died roughly a year after the last, SDU5 dies at 2016 and SDU6 dies at 2071? Notice that if you reverse this: 20(71) it becomes "2017"? Almost a year after the previous death of SDU5? In my opinion Terratools probably made a "typo" mistake and was originally going to make it 2017 because compared to the previous SDU's deaths being almost a year after each one, it probably would make a lot more sense.

Re: UA Timeline

Posted: Tue Jul 05, 2011 11:00 am
by Edward Fox
True, but I find that changing the death date to 2017 would be terribly problematic if we were trying to keep the times realistic. As it is 2011 now in six years the world ecosystems would have to collapse, two alien races would have to invade earth, three new human factions would have to form, vast populations would have to be wiped out and a wide rang of new technologies would have to be developed. Setting a later date would allow far more room for the content and history to develop. If we were to go back to 1998 than we have nineteen years but this is still not enough time.

(This may be a cheap excuse) but even if the date was an error, which it probably was though we are not sure, it is still effectively canon.

Re: UA Timeline

Posted: Mon Jul 11, 2011 8:47 am
by Roland985
I am currently writing a big novel on the events 70 years after the end of the Metropolis expansion. So I may now need to edit the story to fit your time line...
I should have it done by December...

Re: UA Timeline

Posted: Mon Jul 11, 2011 2:53 pm
by Edward Fox
Yes, how embarrassing.

According to my timeline the Ghorkov and Taerkast campaigns end in 2079 and 2080 respectively. The Mykonian invasion lasts for 99 years.

Again the reason for the drawn out schedule is that I want there to be a space for a transition from the present political order to the one presented in Urban Assault. There is also room for such developments as the secret spying on Resistance arcades. Although the 2071 death date may be an error I still think that it makes for a fine anchor.

Re: UA Timeline

Posted: Tue Jul 12, 2011 2:15 am
by Roland985
yeah, my story takes place in the 2070's where earth is facing the biggest invasion attempt ever in the history of the Mykonians or the Human race...
it is supposed to take place 70 years after the completion of the MD expansion...