UA Unit Voice-Overs

For those of us who are curious and like to poke around in the game's data files and scripts as well as glitching. Caters to anything from unit/building stats to level data to telling how to glitch and stories of game errors.
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UA Unit Voice-Overs

Post by leftylink » Fri Jun 27, 2008 2:39 am

Thank you Shakan for this information!

Here's a little something to spark your imagination. Some of you know how this stuff works, but for those that don't, here goes:

Voice-over type list (vo_type in vehicle scripts)

A = scout (any scout)
B = generic (Rock Sled, Rhino, Static) ->needs soooo much fixing

1 = light tank (Fox, Weasel, Speedy, Ground Cube)
2 = medium tank (Jaguar, Eisenhans)
3 = heavy tank (Tiger, Leonid, Tekh-Trak) -> needs fixing

4 = light helicopter (Firefly, Wasp)
5 = medium helicopter (Hornet)
6 = heavy helicopter (Dragonfly)

7 = light aircraft (Ying, Serp)
8 = medium aircraft (Falcon, Tien-Ying 7) -> needs fixing
9 = heavy aircraft (Warhammer, Gigant) -> needs fixing

Those that have "needs [sooo much] fixing" written next to them have some of their voice-over files replaced by "light tank" voice-over files, which kinda sucks. So I'm working on replacing those sound files with more apropriate ones.

Sound files are named as follows:


A - sound file type. '1' is for unit voice-overs, the rest will not be explained here.

B - voice-over type (one of those named above)

CD - type of event which triggers this particular sound file. Event list follows:

11 = squad created
12 = squad requests orders
13 = order acknowledgement
14 = attack acknowledgement
15 = virtual presence shift
16 = squad has entered hostile sector
21 = squad repaired
22 = squad has engaged the enemy
23 = squad sighted enemy host station
24 = squad requests support
25 = squad retreating
26 = squad destroyed
31 = enemy retreating
32 = enemy destroyed
33 = host station destroyed
34 = power station conquered
41 = unused (but nice voice-overs, similar to type 22, could be used to fix other types)

E - ordinal number of sound file for distinct ABCD (max 2, as far as I see), this can be 1 or 2

There, that's it for now, I hope it helps. C ya!

BTW, IMHO Ghargoil 2 is a heavy 'copter, what do you think?
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Re: UA Unit Voice-Overs

Post by Roland985 » Sat Jul 25, 2009 10:01 am

I would class the ghargoil II as a medium as it falls under the same class as the hornet.

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