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Re: Done RUN

Post by Ormu » Mon Jul 23, 2012 1:53 pm

Isn't the countdown time for the stoudson bomb 15 minutes? If you keep it ticking all the time you can do it in less than 20 mins.
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Re: Done RUN

Post by MarioSDU6/SDU7 » Sun Aug 19, 2012 1:19 am

Brachy UA FREAK wrote:i tried a video in mission impossible with fraps
well i wanted to record to kill 1 HS the taer one cause the whole map took too long to upload on youtube so i wanted to kill a single one well when i thought i saved the right vid it was the false one where i didn´t succeed -.- that was so annoying that i stopped making videos on speed runs
and hint it takes even long for me to upload a single pic on ... my highest DOWNLOAD RATE was only 359kb/s and this for 2 seconds and the upload was 90kb/s for 10 sec -.- its annoying and takes damn long time and i just want to make a tournament that people play ua again .... during the w8ing for some mods
I do agree, but there are still hopes to do this. One day of those I'll submit 3 vids about the multiplayer matches I had today. Maybe 2 Mexicans, but there will be more, that's for sure. I'll try tomorrow to host an Urban Assault match and I'll record it. I'm trying my best to spread the game to everyone. And I could record with Fraps at 30 fps most gameplay.

Yes, it can be frustrating sometimes. It happened me once, and I had to restart the fraps recording to do the battle (even I had to copy my save in case the recording fails like bitch, like a dead ant). But Brachy, as I said, there are still hopes to do a tournament, we only need patience and dedication
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