Debug mode on Expansion pack? (Metropolis Dawn)?

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Debug mode on Expansion pack? (Metropolis Dawn)?

Post by jorasave » Thu May 24, 2012 1:43 am

I think there should be a post requesting this somewhere but after almost 1 hour searching I couldn't find it.
I know the file on UA when doing the resistance you cheat the game by open your Urban Assault directory, and go to the SAVE folder, then the folder where your username is (like SDU7). Open ''user.txt'', and search for ''levelstatus 99''. Change the ''status = 1'' to ''status = 2''. Save your changes and start up the game.
But in the Expansion pack There is no level_status_99 for the save files at the Conrade and Truzen folders (Ghorkovs and Taerkastens)
Does anybody knows if is possible to do this cheat for the Metropolis dawn game :?: :?:
Thanks in advance
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Re: Debug mode on Expansion pack? (Metropolis Dawn)?

Post by Ormu » Thu May 24, 2012 3:36 pm

There isn't a debug level for Ghorkov and Taerkasten campaigns but it's of course possible to edit the desired parameters manually in user.txt.

Enabling Evilfurz for Ghorkovs or Taerkastens permanently requires more modifications because it's probably not included in the "user" vehicle set in those campaigns. However, you can also give the weapon (nr. 13) to any unit.
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