Armored trains in UA-Setting

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Armored trains in UA-Setting

Post by Sukhoi35 » Sat Dec 24, 2016 9:07 pm

Hello everyone. Today, when thinking about UA and a possible UA-sequel, I thought up a concept of armored trains. Lets assume that some maps (both single- and multiplayer) have abandoned train tracks from pre-Big Mistake era (just as every UA map has roads). These are probably severely damaged(I will return to that later), but they are still there.
So, what if Ghorkov, The Resistance, and Taerkasten are able to create armored trains out of plasma (just like any other unit), which would have several cars, each with a different weapon on it?

How would these trains get on tracks? I suggest they are created in the air, or on the ground (just like any other unit), and then they slowly place themselves on tracks automatically(and once they are on tracks, they can be controlled - can go forwards and backwards, using the locomotive, or their cars are manned and the player can shoot the weapon installed on the particular track).

Taerkastens would have a WWI/WWII inspired armored train, with an armored steam engine. It would be armed with shells and MGs.

The Resistance would have a modern-technology inspired armored train, not too high-tech though, more conventional. It would be armed with guided missiles and MGs.

The Ghorkov would have an anti-gravity train, which would use the tracks in a unique manner to hover just above them. It would be armed with guided missiles and lasers, and it would be the fastest of the armored trains, yet it also would be the less armored one.

The Sylgogars would have a mine-like device, which could be built on tracks, and the Mykonians would have a fast "armored car" which would have conventional Mykonian weapons.

All the railroad assets of Taerkasten, Resistance, Ghorkov and Mykonians are capable of repairing damaged train tracks, however at the cost of their own health. These repairs however last the units lifetime. After the train or armored car was destroyed, the track returns to its initial map state and if it has severe damage to it, it is not passible in this area until a new plasma-placed repair chunk is placed over it.

So, what do you think of this concept?

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Re: Armored trains in UA-Setting

Post by MrAlwaysBored » Wed Dec 28, 2016 9:14 am

Nice concept, I like the idea, but in what way should it be used? Should it be like a moveable indestructible flakstation, making the campaign even more of a stalemate, or should it be an offensive unit, able to destroy the enemy defenses, while not really powerful against host stations, making it a stalematebreaker?

Even more important, how should the tracks be placed? There shouldn't be too many of them, or else it will just be a train vs train duel. If there too few tracks, there is basically no point in using them. It would be cool though if they were to be the only unit to be able to pass through the borders and appear on the other side of the level.

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