Probably now we are activating SDU7...

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Bugged Ostwind?
Bugged Ostwind?
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Probably now we are activating SDU7...

Postby MarcOlle » Fri May 19, 2017 4:26 am

Resistance Nightly News, 3/17/2017 wrote:... and finally tonight some bad news.
The sixth Resistance Champion selected
to engage in our multifront war has
perished under Ghorkovian hands. Falcons
in Missing Man formation will fly over
Hyde Park tomorrow during the scheduled
memorial. ...

By the lore (and correcting the typo) SDU 6 died 2 months ago and probably by now Leather Jacket would be finishing the tutorial.

You are our last hope. Now the real war begins. All that you've learned is put into practice.

Stored memories of the best Host Station masters who came before you wrote:You are going to die. But read our mission briefings and we can help you live longer.
Trying to do a comeback...
Fra6160 at 29/Apr/2009 wrote:In 2011 we'll discover the plasma creation :D

And still we have not discovered the plasma creation...

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Re: Probably now we are activating SDU7...

Postby CharlotteLabyrinth » Sat May 20, 2017 8:53 am

Godspeed, SDU7! :mrgreen:

The final champion of the Resistance and the humanity!

By the way, is it true that 'Dietmar "Didi" Koebelin', a.k.a 'SDU6' and also a former TerraTools member, was killed in action by the Ghorkovian forces at the battle of Moonlight City in Finland? Because I missed those F-16s flying over London two months ago... :lol:
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