Urban Assault II, where is it?

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Urban Assault II, where is it?

Post by Shedalet » Sun Apr 12, 2015 6:51 am

I have been waiting 6 Years for the new game, where is it? this game is going to be forgotten, I made a new one with battle field 2 machine, but i can´t publish this because coryng right of urban assault, microsoft and Ubi soft games, so? what can i do? I need help? how can we talk with microsoft? My game is just an idea, i chenge textures, fields, an add things. It is good, but of course any person can discover that it is battle field 2 machine. So? do i have to surrender? I loved so much this game, i think it is time to let it go. last topic in this forum 2009 :( RIP

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Re: Urban Assault II, where is it?

Post by LloydJara » Sun Apr 12, 2015 1:29 pm

First of all you should explain your ideas clearly.I cant understand what you said.

Second of all this forum is not dead at all,there are still posts,not everyday but its something. :lol: You Should look the entire forum rather than a few Subforums.
Also there are those bots which add views to post but actually posts have less view than it seems.But there is still a whole active comunnity,not exactly here but in Gameranger.In GR there are players active almost the entire day,if not me or Mario it might be somebody from France,Germany..Europe in General.

As i said before i cant understand what you intended to say,you were devolping a game or what?
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