Black Sect unit/building stats

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Black Sect unit/building stats

Post by leftylink » Wed Jul 30, 2008 3:17 am

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-----Black Sect (Faction 5)-----

Steals units from other factions on the current map.
All units of this faction have "transparent" icons on the radar. They can be highlighted, clicked on, and targeted, but they are invisible otherwise.

-Host Station: Resistance Anvil (Unit 62)
Shield: 60%
Radar: 3

-Station Guns (Unit 94)
Energy: 80
Shield: 100%
Wpn ID: 94
Wpn Energy: 150
Shot Time: 3000/1000
Attack Multiplier: x1.0

-Station Guns (Unit 95)
Energy: 80
Shield: 100%
Wpn ID: 95
Wpn Energy: 300
Shot Time: 1200/700
Attack Multiplier: x1.0

-Power Station 1 (Building 63)
Power Rating: 2 [50]

-Power Station 1+ (Building 1)
Power Rating: 4 [128]

-"Flakstation" Flak Station (Building 18)
Flak Gun (Unit 115)
Energy: 80
Shield: 50%
Radar: 1
Wpn ID: 115
Wpn Energy: 300
Shot Time: 900/1000
Attack Multiplier: x1.0

-Radar Station 1 (Building 3)
Radar (Unit 109)
Energy: 400
Shield: 90%
Radar: 10
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