How did the black sect get "their" units?

"A mysterious horde of scavengers, pirates and mercenaries..."
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Re: How did the black sect get "their" units?

Post by Edward Fox » Tue Oct 02, 2012 2:34 pm

fabriciovic2 wrote:The truth about Black Sect is that they are composed by ex CIA "ghosts",lots of Military personal"formed"by Rangers,Green Beretts,S.E.A.L.S,Marine Recon Units,N.A.T.O Spec Units,so,they joined with mercenaries from private companies such Blackwater,Hallyburton,so and So,and with an alliance with Former Capitalist Russian Spetnatz and G.R.U.agents from Moskva,So this kind of people have acess to all"Black Market"(weapons,biological and chemical warfare,technology,stolen cars,chinese cigarretes,drugs,etc)so its easy westerns have acess to fight with"enemy s"weapons,they are years beyond resistance..its a shame...but they afraid of Myko cereal diet bars and old communists"furhats"....
...somebody says something about conspiracy theory here?....
I doubt it. The mission briefings state that the black sect dates back to the secret societies of medieval Europe so it would predate all the above organizations by several hundred years. Also I would imagine most of the above organizations would be more at home with the Resistance or the Ghorkovs.

Furthermore the introduction states that the Black Sect also comprises of pirates and scavengers which sounds like they are far more broad based than that and possibly operating on a shoestring.

That they splintered off of the Taerkasts makes far more sense.
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Re: How did the black sect get "their" units?

Post by fabriciovic2 » Tue Oct 02, 2012 8:22 pm

Yeah Eddie,i was kidding about the Black Sect Origin,because what i said is pure Tom Clancy s Cold War Trips.....,i could say that they are aliens or something,or wrost thing...they are Brazilian Pirates ho ho ho...

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